What We Do

We provide high-value music promotion working with some of the most significant labels and also autonomous musicians. Our campaigns secure national and regional coverage in radio, the press and on Spotify. On top of this, we have teachers who have countless years of music industry experience who deliver music education courses empowering students to learn while not racking up any debt. Also, we are a specialist booking agency serving many acts globally as well as being a press and media content provider.

Our Story

We are not just a leading British music company, but we are a personable company who understand the complexities of the modern industry. We know what tracks stand out, our network knows we do too. Also, we are aware of the most significant problems musicians face, and we meet those problems head-on.

Our contacts vouch for our diligence and commitment to delivering the highest quality within our PR campaigns and bespoke projects. Don’t believe us? Ask them. Our role is to lead the music industry to a better place, and we put our passion on display. Also, integrity should be our middle name because we are honest with every approach. We hate terrible service; it is why we have in-depth plans and strategies in place to ensure each customer feels satisfied.

Also, we pride ourselves on quality. Yes, we work with a small number of clients at any given time, but that is because quality is in our mission statement and quantity isn’t, class always wins.

Where We Are

The majority of our operations are carried out from our central London base. However, we do have a home in Manchester too.

Global Sound Group
Global Sound Group