Sony Music

According to the latest financial statistics, Sony Music is experiencing massive growth in streaming revenue. Sony’s recorded music division earned over $1 billion in the three months running up to September. It’s a watershed moment for the music company, experiencing these new highs for the first time.Continue Reading

Does The Streaming Industry Need A Reset?

A group of British legislators are calling for a rethink of the music streaming business model. Why? Because they want all artists to receive a more equitable portion of the profits. According to a survey, 92 per cent of artists earned less than 5% of their income from streaming inContinue Reading

Is Twitch The New Money Maker For Musicians?

According to a former Spotify executive, Twitch is becoming one of the best sources of money for musicians compared to other streaming platforms. Will Page, a former Spotify employee, has discovered that Twitch earnings have skyrocketed, which is unsurprising considering that musicians have been flocking to online live events dueContinue Reading