Lockdown Festival

In honour of the conclusion of the coronavirus shutdown, a new British event called 00:01 is to take place. The new festival, which will take place at the Oval Space and The Pickle Factory in London, will begin on July 19th. However, this might change if the government decides toContinue Reading

Dance Music Value

For people searching for a good time, dance music has always been a popular genre. However, according to a new analysis, the genre’s worth has dropped to a 10-year low. The pandemic and a lack of nightclub and party activities have been significant factors in the drop. In addition, theContinue Reading

Is Twitch The New Money Maker For Musicians?

According to a former Spotify executive, Twitch is becoming one of the best sources of money for musicians compared to other streaming platforms. Will Page, a former Spotify employee, has discovered that Twitch earnings have skyrocketed, which is unsurprising considering that musicians have been flocking to online live events dueContinue Reading

Music Venues

After the lockout extension, a top music leader has repeated that venues throughout the UK are eager for additional government funding. Mr Gregg said, “We were lucky enough to get funding from round one and round two of the cultural recovery fund but that runs out at the end ofContinue Reading

Music Board

A group of music industry professionals in the West Midlands have banded together to help the county’s music sector rebound after the COVID-19 lockout. The board will plan how to get more music played nationally and regionally, bringing more attention to the region. Lady Leshur is one of several artistsContinue Reading