Award-Winning Music PR

We are a world-leading music PR company specialising in radio, media, print and streaming promotion. Our team have a wealth of knowledge in music promotion, and our consistent results reflect our experience and expertise.

As a leading PR company, we are aware of the significance of getting new music out to as many listeners as possible. As a result, we ensure that each campaign performs to its utmost potential. Every campaign is unique, and we craft plans and strategies which are unique while remaining in line with industry standards.

Our team are experienced working with a diverse range of music genres; we do not prioritise a particular style, thus allowing all musicians to shine in the music industry. Therefore, whatever your genre, be sure to contact our team.


Each PR practitioner at Global Sound Group has countless years of expertise and knowledge of working within the promotional side of the music industry. As a result, our team are cognizant of the most advanced promotion techniques, and we leverage our expertise to achieve consistent results.

Also, we are invariably examining new techniques and technological headways within the music industry to maintain a superior service level at all times.


Our team have built a comprehensive global contact network in the last few decades of working within the music industry. We pride ourselves on our strong relations with gatekeepers and tastemakers at all levels. Also, we relish establishing new relationships, and we are constantly networking within the industry. As a result, our contact reach is perpetually growing.

Over our long tenure, we have built relationships with some of the most influential contacts within the music industry. Also, our capacity to provide new music to tastemakers gives us the cutting edge for our clients.


Our company maxim is to provide top quality results consistently, and our tenacity as a leading pr company reflects our passion. Therefore, each campaign undergoes a meticulous quality assurance process to secure the most commendatory outcome.

We set targets and achievable objectives ahead of every campaign, and we work every day to propel closer to the end-point, not resting until we achieve the desired result.


We are well aware of the significance of a robust strategy for achieving results from a PR campaign. As a result, our in-house team regularly meets one another to ensure that processes are consistently above industry expectations. Also, we create high-level strategies ahead of every campaign to provide the best results.

Every strategy is unique given the campaign in question. However, we adhere to an industry level tried and tested guideline, which our in-house team have developed over the last few decades.


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We approach every campaign uniquely to guarantee that we fulfil primary aims and objectives. Every campaign is individual, and while fundamental methods serve for many projects, we thoroughly study the best route before launching a campaign.

Our approach to music PR is what sets us apart from others in the industry.


All team members commit themself entirely to every campaign, and we never leave an opportunity unturned. Also, our commitment to quality ensures that we keep a sharp focus on the desired result, never taking our eye off the ball.

We also have internal appraisals to ensure that we are constantly maintaining the highest level of service to all clients. Likewise, we have an in house code of conduct process to ensure consistent professionalism.


We spend time before every campaign working out the best target audience. The primary target we find remains for the entirety of the campaign. However, sometimes, we may amend the outreach at times when new opportunities become apparent. It is vital in PR to keep an open mind regarding pitching to ensure that no opportunities are lost.

Targetting is arguably one of the most decisive factors of a successful PR campaign, and it is often the most overlooked. Hence, we dedicate a lot of resources and time to this activity, and we make sure that we stay ahead of new research techniques.

Types Of Campaigns

Our team have experience working with a large number of campaign types within the music industry. Many of our campaigns are for music releases such as single, EP, and album releases. But, we are confident in every campaign we work on, providing excellent results regardless of campaign type.