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Login, enrol on a course and work your way through the modules and lessons. There are 100 modules and 500 lessons per course.    


At the end of each module, you will be given the option to complete an exam based on that module. If you fail, you can resit.


You will receive a honorary certificate for each course in which you complete. Also, you can work on multiple courses at any given time.

Modules Per Course
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Music Education

Features And Benefits

★ Instant access.
★ Succeed faster.
★ Independent studying.
★ Become an expert.
★ New lessons daily.
★ Learn when it suits you.
★ Honorary certificates.
★ No student debt.
★ Live chat support.
★ Cancel anytime.

enrol today AND SAVE!


– All Courses. No separate payment for each course.

– Each course has 100 modules and 500 lessons.

– Cancel at any time.

£299 £29


– All Courses. No separate payment for each course.

– Each course has 100 modules and 500 lessons.

– Cancel at any time.

– Save £89 by paying annually.

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Independent Online Study - Courses

Work through a myriad of music education courses and modules at a speed which suits and become a scholar of music in little time. Each course includes 100 modules with 500 lessons. Learn more than they teach in college with education which comes from real-life experiences delivered by music professionals and those who have genuinely succeeded inside the music industry, as opposed to college lecturers who have never witnessed any notable music achievement.

Music Education

No Debt

The last thing anyone fancies is the prospect of debt hovering over them. Although many will contend that college debt is not actual debt, the truth is that it is. Fortunately, you can excel past your buddies who are at college while not racking up a massive £40,000+ debt. Who is the champion here? You.

Debt Students


At the end of each module, you will have the opportunity to complete an online exam. But, do not worry, it is not one of those tiresome archetype exams which you would expect in a music education seminary. We keep it fun but also challenging too, which ensures you get the utmost value. But, we do not mess around with our scoring. After all, we aspire for you to be the greatest; therefore, you must obtain a 100% result to get a pass. You can resit, although we will doubt you will need to. Also, we send certificates of each passed module.

If you are one of those who detests exams and are planning on using our courses to get away from them, then do not fret, you can easily skip them, but bear in mind that you may miss out.

Music Education

Program Length

A studious and victorious woman in the industry (high up at one of the worlds most prominent labels) once told me that learning should never stop. Remarkably, some college students believe that the day they hand in their final dissertation is the day that Education concludes. Nevertheless, it is far from the truth if looking to achieve long term success. 

Education is a life long process. We are conscious of that here; therefore, we have created a program which you can work through for as long as you crave improvement. As a result, we have new courses becoming available weekly. In terms of course time frames, every course will have a set duration, but on average each course in the program will last for around one month, although you can increase or reduce the time frame to suffice your schedule.

Music Education


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emma mitchell
emma mitchell
12:36 17 Mar 20
Lovely people and completed my project well ahead of schedule. Thank you xx
Joseph Hind
Joseph Hind
15:07 09 Mar 20
Global Sound Group listened to my ever need when I worked with them recently. I was recommended them by a friend and... they did live up to expectation which was good. They are well respected and known amongst the music world which is ideal for any musician looking to more
Stella Murphy
Stella Murphy
17:06 27 Feb 20
I enjoyed the campaign I had with Global Sound Group. They always kept me imformed and they are a lovely bunch
samantha hull
samantha hull
14:26 05 Feb 20
I have worked with Global Sound Group many times and they always deliver great results. Great customer service and... James is always very helpful. Thank you xread more
Emma Connor
Emma Connor
12:33 19 Dec 19
Member of VBA. Getting good results and th education which is sent out is very useful. I am a manager and not the... musician and this makes my life a lot more
John Moore
John Moore
13:39 07 Oct 19
Worked with this company a few times. All round great to work with. I’m a graphic designer by trade and have been... using their freelance services website Outsourcer for over a month. Although work did not come instantly I worked with them to build my freelance profile on the website and I am now starting to see lots of growth and I am working on atleast 6-7 new projects per week where as before I was working on maybe 1 due to finding work myself on social more
Anthony Giles
Anthony Giles
16:13 07 Aug 19
I have been using Virtual Booking Agent for around 4 months and had really great results from it so far. Managed to... book lots of shows which I would not have been able to without it. Plus for £29 per month it is an absolute bargain for what it does and the amount of resource it has for musicians like myself looking to play more shows. The booking tool also seems to be getting regular updates which is more
Thomas Cawkwell
Thomas Cawkwell
14:06 31 Jul 19
I recently worked with this company on a PR campaign. Very good results for my band including national radio coverage.... Will be using them again for another single we will be releasing in a few months time. Highly recommend. Thank you to James and the team at more
Steph Marriott
Steph Marriott
10:45 26 Jul 19
Could not recommend this up and coming company enough! James went over and above in helping me design my new website (... to which I love ) he listened to all my needs and when he came back and showed me the first draft, I could not believe how he has listened to what I had told him and got it totally spot on for my business!Thanks James, for all your support and help when I needed it. Would highly recommend this company to more
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Frequently asked questions

You will receive a unique username and password once a member.

Once logged in, you can easily enrol onto any course. Similar to what you would expect from a university course, you will be able to work through the modules, and you will be given an exam after each module.

You will never have to write an essay or dissertation. Although this is a great way to research and practise your writing skills, we believe that knowledge cements itself more profoundly through exams. You can skip the exams if it is not the best learning method for yourself.

We know how busy everyone’s lives are. As a result, we have created an educational program which suits your schedule. You can learn as and when you wish.

Yes, we work with each student individually. Therefore, we have a live chat platform designed just for students to ask us any questions.

We strive for excellence, and all of our students should do so too. As a result, we set the bar high and to pass each module; you will need to achieve a 100% grade on the module exam. But, do not stress if you miss out on full marks, you can easily resit the exam or skip it and move onto the next module.

Yes, recruiters and companies acknowledge our education program as being one of the most innovative and relevant music course available. Therefore, it can dramatically increase your chances of success not just in your own music career but also in job searches too.

You will receive certificates and proof of completing courses and modules. Many recruiters and industry professionals will view your achievements as an equivalent to landing a top class degree. 

Nope. It is all independent study with tutors on hand through live chat to offer support if required but they will never nag or annoy you.

The time it takes to complete a course is influenced by the number of hours you commit. On average, students complete courses within a year or two.

We highly doubt you will request to cancel your membership. But, if you do, then you can do so quickly, and you will not need to make any further investments to us.