MIDƐM+ Returns to Cannes for 2024 Edition

The highly anticipated MIDƐM+ music festival and industry conference is set to make a grand return to Cannes for its 2024 edition. Against the backdrop of the stunning French Riviera, the event promises to be a dynamic platform for industry leaders, artists, and enthusiasts to delve into crucial discussions shaping the future of the music business.

Scheduled from January 24 to 27, MIDƐM+ aims to address the multifaceted challenges currently facing the music industry. From the repercussions of the cost of living crisis to the ever-evolving landscape of streaming revenues, attendees can expect insightful dialogues and innovative solutions.

One of the focal points of the conference will be exploring the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on music creation. With technology playing an increasingly significant role in the creative process, industry leaders will engage in thought-provoking discussions on the intersection of AI and music, seeking to understand its implications and potential for innovation.

Amidst concerns about the fair treatment of artists, MIDƐM+ will also host discussions on building fair, artist-centric funding models. As the industry grapples with questions of equity and remuneration, this session aims to provide actionable insights for fostering a more sustainable and supportive environment for musicians.

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