What They Don’t Teach You At College About Music

Here we reveal what they don’t teach you at college about music. Versatility The college experience often centers around honing one’s skills in a primary instrument or area of study. However, the dynamic landscape of the music industry places a premium on versatility. To thrive in this ever-evolving field, aspiringContinue Reading

How To Upload Music To Spotify

Here is your ultimate guide on how to upload music to Spotify! This comprehensive guide on how to upload music to Spotify will walk you through the process. Also, it will cover everything from preparing your music to optimizing your Spotify profile for maximum visibility. Table of Contents Here isContinue Reading

YouTube Hits 100 Million Paying Subscribers, Gains Industry Allies

YouTube has now amassed over 100 million paying subscribers collectively across its music-centric platforms, YouTube Music and YouTube Premium. The achievement has received acclaim from major players in the music industry, including Universal Music, Warner Music, Kobalt, BMG, Believe, TuneCore, ONErpm, YG Entertainment, T-Series, Beggars, IMPALA, and SACEM. This unexpectedContinue Reading

You NEED to Quit Caring About Others’ Opinions

Here we reveal why you NEED to quit caring about others’ opinions. Authenticity In the realm of creative expression, it’s paramount that you wholeheartedly embrace your unique sound and style. The journey to artistic fulfillment demands a departure from the shackles of external opinions and societal expectations. Forge your ownContinue Reading

How To Get Followers On Spotify? A Comprehensive Guide

Are you an artist, band, or podcaster wondering how to get followers on Spotify? Whether you’re a newcomer or an established artist, gaining followers on Spotify is crucial for expanding your audience and increasing your influence in the music or podcast industry. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore effective strategiesContinue Reading

Why You Should Attend Music Networking Events

Here we reveal why you should attend music networking events. Professional Circle Attending music networking events offers a valuable chance to establish connections with various professionals within the music industry, such as artists, producers, managers, and executives. The significance lies in the potential to broaden one’s network, creating opportunities forContinue Reading

How Do You Write A Song?

So, you’ve got the itch to express yourself through music, and you’re wondering, “How do you write a song?” Whether you’re a complete novice or a seasoned musician looking for fresh inspiration, this comprehensive guide will walk you through the process of crafting a song that resonates with your emotionsContinue Reading

Why Record Labels Are Not Noticing You!

Here we reveal why record labels are not noticing you! Lack of Unique Sound In the highly competitive world of the music industry, standing out is paramount for artists aspiring to make a lasting impression. If your music doesn’t possess a distinctive and unique sound, it runs the risk ofContinue Reading

Why Deadlines Are Important For Growth

Here we reveal why deadlines are important for growth in the music industry. Cultivates Discipline In the dynamic realm of the music industry, meeting deadlines is a fundamental aspect that demands unwavering discipline. The ability to consistently deliver projects on time, whether it be the meticulous completion of an albumContinue Reading

How To Become A Music Manager

Welcome to the ultimate guide on how to become a music manager! Moreover, if you’re passionate about music and dream of playing a pivotal role in shaping the careers of talented artists, you’re in the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the essential steps to kickstartContinue Reading

Music Industry Blog | How To RESONATE DEEPER With Your Fans.

Here we reveal how to resonate deeper with your fans! Be More Authentic Authenticity forms the bedrock of fan appreciation. When musicians authentically convey their experiences, emotions, and stories through both their music and interactions with fans, a profound connection is forged. This genuine sharing not only builds trust butContinue Reading

Music Industry Blog | Why Small Wins Compound Into HUGE WINS

Here we reveal why small wins compound into HUGE WINS. Building a Fan Base Achieving small victories, like garnering a few hundred or even a thousand followers on social media or cultivating a modest yet devoted local fan base, serves as the crucial groundwork for expanding one’s audience. These initialContinue Reading

Music Blog | Why Self-Discipline Will Make Or Break You!

Here we reveal why self-discipline will make or break you! Consistent Practice Embracing self-discipline in one’s musical journey serves as the guiding force behind consistent and concentrated practice sessions, paving the way for substantial enhancements in both technical proficiency and musical expression. By adhering to a structured practice routine, musiciansContinue Reading

Why Experimenting Is Key To Music Success

Here we reveal why experimenting is key to music success. Personal Growth By engaging in experimentation, musicians embark on a journey that propels them beyond familiar musical confines, urging them to confront uncharted territories and master novel skills. This relentless pursuit of pushing boundaries not only amplifies their musical prowessContinue Reading

MIDƐM+ Returns to Cannes for 2024 Edition

The highly anticipated MIDƐM+ music festival and industry conference is set to make a grand return to Cannes for its 2024 edition. Against the backdrop of the stunning French Riviera, the event promises to be a dynamic platform for industry leaders, artists, and enthusiasts to delve into crucial discussions shapingContinue Reading

Why Having A PLAN B Is Not Always A Good Idea!

You may have heard the saying “Always have a plan b”. However, we are going to challenge that notion! Why? Because sometimes having a plan b is not always a good idea. Diluted Focus Balancing multiple plans can lead to a dispersion of focus and energy. The challenge lies inContinue Reading

Madonna Faces Legal Battle Over Delayed Concert Start Time

Madonna finds herself in the midst of a legal dispute with two disgruntled fans who have taken legal action against her for the tardy commencement of her New York concerts in December. Michael Fellows and Jonathan Hadden, who eagerly anticipated Madonna’s performance at the Brooklyn show, have filed a lawsuitContinue Reading

Semantic Satiation is Quietly Shaping MUSIC!

Semantic satiation, the psychological phenomenon where repetition causes a word or phrase to temporarily lose its meaning, can have various implications in the music industry. Here we reveal how semantic satiation is quietly shaping MUSIC! Lyric Impact Songs that are overplayed or heavily promoted often fall victim to semantic satiation,Continue Reading

Game-Changing Ways to Break Free from Bad Habits!

Here we reveal game-changing ways to break free from bad habits! Identify Triggers To break free from a bad habit, it is essential to delve into the understanding of the situations, emotions, or environments that act as catalysts for its manifestation. By identifying and acknowledging these triggers, individuals embark onContinue Reading

2023 Music Streaming Report Reveals Surprising Trends

In a groundbreaking revelation, a recent study conducted by Luminate, a music consumption measurement company with over 30 years of experience, has uncovered some intriguing insights into the world of music streaming. According to the 2023 Luminate year-end report, approximately 25% of music available on streaming services went unheard throughoutContinue Reading