Use VELCOA To Network With Other Musicians And Pros!

Here is how VELCOA can introduce you to a world of music networking possibilities. Unlock Opportunities Delve into the world of professional networking tailored for the music industry with VELCOA. Whether you’re an aspiring artist, a seasoned professional, or somewhere in between, VELCOA offers a specialized platform designed to meetContinue Reading

AI in Music Industry Sparks Debate on Artist Compensation and Copyright

Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to revolutionize various sectors, presenting unprecedented opportunities and efficiencies. However, within the creative sphere, particularly in the music industry, the utilization of AI has ignited a contentious debate surrounding artist compensation and copyright. Jenn Anderson-Miller, CEO and co-Founder of Audiosocket, emphasized the need for collaboration betweenContinue Reading

How To Make Your Next Press Release STAND OUT!

Here are ways to make your next press release stand out! Incorporate Multimedia Incorporating multimedia elements such as audio clips, behind-the-scenes photos, or short video snippets into your press release can significantly enhance its impact. These visual and auditory components provide a dynamic and immersive experience for the audience, offeringContinue Reading

Why You Should Release Music On A Friday

Here are the reasons why you should release music on a Friday. Maximum Visibility Releasing music on a Friday strategically positions you to harness the peak internet traffic and heightened streaming activity that characterize weekends, fostering optimal conditions for discovery and engagement with new music. As people unwind and exploreContinue Reading

Why You Should Praise Other Musicians

Cultivates Positive Community Praising other musicians fosters a supportive and encouraging community within the music industry, creating a more positive environment for all artists. When artists uplift and commend one another, it cultivates a culture of solidarity and mutual appreciation. This supportive atmosphere not only boosts morale but also inspiresContinue Reading

Where To Find Inspiration For Your Music

Here we reveal where to find inspiration for your music. Nature Venturing into the embrace of nature offers a symphony of inspiration for the aspiring musician. Amidst the serene beauty of the outdoors, immerse yourself in the whispers of the wind through the trees, the gentle chirping of birds, orContinue Reading

Why Time Is Your Best Asset As A Musician

Here we reveal why time is your best asset as a musician. Practice Makes Perfect Having time on your side grants you the invaluable opportunity to dedicate hours toward honing your craft. Whether you’re striving to master a challenging riff on the guitar or refine the nuances of your vocalContinue Reading

Legal Dispute Between Napster and Photographer Over Sugar Minott Photo

Streaming giant Napster has found itself embroiled in a legal battle with British photographer Adrian Boot over a decades-old photo featuring reggae icon Sugar Minott. Boot alleges copyright infringement, asserting that Napster used the image without proper licensing. However, Napster contends that it acquired the necessary rights through the recordContinue Reading

How To Get Placed In Editorial Playlists

Here are reveal ways to get placed in editorial playlists. Quality Content is Key To guarantee that your music aligns with the elevated benchmarks established by editorial curators, it is imperative to prioritize professional production quality, captivating melodies, and meticulously crafted lyrics where appropriate. By focusing on these essential elements,Continue Reading

UK Musicians’ Census Exposes Persistent Gender Inequity in Music Industry

The first-ever UK Musicians’ Census, conducted by Help Musicians and the Musicians’ Union (MU), has unveiled stark disparities plaguing the music industry, particularly highlighting the pervasive gender inequity faced by female musicians. Released today, the comprehensive report sheds light on the harrowing experiences of women in music, unveiling a distressingContinue Reading

How To Use Your Spotify Data To Grow In The Music Industry

Here are ways to use your Spotify data for maximum growth. Discover Playlist Trends Exploring Spotify’s playlist data offers valuable insights into trends and patterns within the music landscape. By examining playlists that showcase similar artists or genres to your own, you can discern the characteristics that contribute to theirContinue Reading

Could Twitch Bring You More Money As A Musician?

Here are ways in which you can earn more money using Twitch. Direct Fan Interaction Twitch serves as a dynamic platform for direct engagement with fans through live streaming. By leveraging this medium, creators can interact with their audience in real-time, fostering a deeper connection and potentially bolstering fan loyalty.Continue Reading

US Recorded Music Industry Continues to Soar

The latest findings from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) unveil a resounding success story for the US recorded music market, showcasing its sustained growth and resilience in the face of evolving consumer trends. Released today, on March 26, the RIAA’s 2023 Year End report paints a vivid pictureContinue Reading

Best Contacts You Can Have In The Music Industry

Here we reveal the best contacts you can have in the music industry. Talent Managers A talent manager plays a pivotal role in navigating the complexities of the entertainment industry, offering invaluable guidance and support to help you advance your career. Beyond simply overseeing day-to-day operations, they serve as strategicContinue Reading

Why Some Music Artists Never Reach Their Potential

Here we reveal why some music artists never reach their potential. Lack of Discipline Numerous exceptionally talented musicians grapple with the challenge of fulfilling their potential as a result of insufficient discipline in crucial areas such as practicing, networking, and consistent development of their craft over time. While talent servesContinue Reading

Village’s GAP Festival Unveils Exciting Line-Up for 2024

Excitement is in the air as the Village’s GAP Festival gears up for its much-anticipated return from June 7 to June 16, promising an eclectic mix of over 50 cultural events spread across various venues. Organized entirely by volunteers, this year’s festival aims to transcend boundaries and captivate audiences withContinue Reading

Why It Is Important To Plan Every Music Release

Here we reveal why it is important to plan every music release. Maximizing Momentum A strategic release schedule is akin to orchestrating a symphony of anticipation and engagement, where each note builds upon the last to create a crescendo of excitement. With careful timing and planning, each new song orContinue Reading

AEG Presents and LIV Golf Tee Up Multi-Year Music Partnership

In a groundbreaking fusion of sports and entertainment, AEG Presents and its subsidiary Concerts West have inked a game-changing multi-year deal with LIV Golf, catapulting the phenomenon of ‘sportainment’ to new heights. LIV Golf, renowned for its global sports league featuring top-tier golfers and electrifying tournaments, is set to elevateContinue Reading

How To Get More Paid Gigs

Here are ways you can get more paid gigs. Cultivate Personal Connections Networking stands as a cornerstone in the music industry’s foundation. Attend local music gatherings, take the initiative to introduce yourself to fellow musicians, venue proprietors, and industry insiders. Establishing genuine connections not only fosters camaraderie but also cultivatesContinue Reading

Why Quality Is Better Than Quantity In Music

Here is why quality is better than quantity in music. Deeper Emotional Connections Quality music possesses the remarkable ability to forge deep emotional connections with its audience, transcending mere superficial allurements of quantity. Its resonance lies not in the sheer abundance of tracks, but in the nuanced craftsmanship and authenticityContinue Reading

How To Be A Music Composer – Your Expert Guide

How To Be A Music Composer: Becoming a music composer is a journey filled with creativity, passion, and dedication. Whether you’re drawn to classical compositions, film scores, video game music, or any other genre, the path to becoming a composer involves honing your skills, cultivating your creativity, and navigating theContinue Reading