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James Dyble

Call on 0207 118 3444

Based in Central London. 


James Dyble

Call on 0207 118 3444

Based in Central London. 

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Pris Release New Track 'Primal Thing'

Release Date: 06/03/20

‘Primal Thing’ is the latest offering from Pris. The track is everything you would come to expect from an artist of this calibre, and it is testament to her talent.

Pris, who resides in Brazil, is a pop artist who takes on new dimensions through her music. She has also created an innovative sound based on personal experience as a form of self-therapy. This emotion and passion drips from her tracks and leaves you feeling very close to the singer.

‘Primal Thing’ is a great pop hit. It boasts a catchy vocal from Pris which sits on a tight hard-hitting beat which claps its way through the track. It has a disco vibe, and it leaves you itching to get onto the dancefloor from the get-go. This summer is going to be a big year for Pris with ‘Primal Thing’ set to shake a few hips.

If you are seeking the most beautiful pop, then look no further than ‘Primal Thing’.

Outline Unleash Indie Pop Anthem 'Candid'

Release Date: 20/03/20

Birmingham’s most exceptional Indie-Pop 4 piece, Outline, have just dropped their brand new single ‘Candid’. A track which is already blowing up on the global indie scene with its anthemic quality.

The band are still relatively new to the party. But, they are taking no hostages with their rapidly increasing popularity. Nevertheless, it is clear to see why the current pop magnets are going from strength to strength. Furthermore, they have created a sound which is unique to themselves while also taking an influence from some of the greats who laid the foundations before them.

‘Candid’ is a feel-good smash hit. Slightly reminiscent of The 1975 in sound, yet fresh and unprecedented in its own right. It kicks off with a robust melody-driven guitar lead before a spectacular catchy vocal performance greets us from lead singer Jack Bateman. It boasts confidence from the get-go and with a tight drum section and jazzy bass, it could even get your granny tapping her foot.

Outline, have set the bar high for 2020 Indie Pop. Therefore, if you are seeking the most exquisite indie-pop anthem, then look no further than ‘Candid’.


Katie Veltri Drops New Single ‘Catch Me’

Release Date: 28/03/20

US Based musician Katie Veltri has just released her new single ‘Catch Me’. A single which is set to delight pop fans far and wide.

This is the first release from Katie Veltri in 2020 and it has all the qualities of a pop classic. It is a real feel good track with Katie delivering an impeccable vocal from the very start.

It is a true pop release but it has a very mature and sophisticated vibe to it. Also although influenced by pop from yesteryear it has a distinctive unique sound with Katie taking on a new direction.

It kicks off with an unforgivably catchy beat which grabs you and does not let you go. As a result it leaves you itching to hit the replay button.

If you are seeking the finest catchy pop then look than Katie Veltri’s new track ‘Catch Me’.

Hayden Brenen And L.D.N Release Pop Latin Smash Hit 'Mi Cariño’

Singer-songwriter Hayden Brenen and rapper L.D.N have just dropped their new release ‘Mi Cariño’. The track is out now and one which you need to hear before it hits the masses.

Both hailing from London, the pair have crafted something rather unique here with its effortless feel- good vibe. Also, with Brenen a graduate of Brit School and L.D.N already recognised as a reputable name, these guys have come together to provide something which oozes confidence and quality throughout.

‘Mi Cariño’ is all set to be a smash hit this summer. It kicks off with a catchy hook which pulls you in instantly. It’s found influence from Ed Sheeran and Daddy Yankee, but yet it’s distinct in its own right. Overall, it’s exotic with a pop vibe, and it shows off Hayden’s sublime vocal perfectly. Also, L.D.N delivers an unforgivably catchy rap which sticks to you like an adhesive.

If you are seeking the latest Latin pop, then look no further than ‘Mi Cariño’.

Danielle Hollobaugh’s New Pop Single ‘Goodbyes’.

London, 03/02/20

‘Goodbyes’ the latest single from Danielle Hollobaugh is a captivating pop song that is sure to succeed. The lyrics are catchy and relatable with a fun pop sound, this track adds a positive outlook on the tough notion of saying goodbye.

Danielle is an upcoming pop singer/songwriter originally from Bradenton, Florida. She now resides in Los Angeles where she works as a full-time session singer who has featured on a number of singles. Danielle released her own EP and an album in 2018 and has competed at both a local and national level. One of her achievements is being crowned “Best Songwriter” and overall winner at the Florida Ignition Showcase.

Her music is influenced by powerful female musicians such as Avril Lavigne and Amy Lee, lead singer of Evanesence.

‘Goodbyes’ speaks of emotions with a positive twist and a pop sound not dissimilar to fellow female pop singer Selena Gomez.

Danielle has been actively performing since the age of six when her parents signed her up for theatre camp. Since then she has performed at various festivals and events. Danielle has a huge desire to succeed and although she has been blind since birth, she’s never let anything get in the way of her dreams.

If you are a fan of catchy pop songs with an emotional message, make sure to check out Danielle’s newest single ‘Goodbyes’. Available on all digital streaming platforms now.

Sofia Evangelina Releases New Single ‘Smile’

London, 06/12/19

Canadian rising star, Sofia Evangelina, has just released her brand new single ‘Smile’, an uplifting pop song that is set to warm the hearts of audiences worldwide.

Sofia Evangelina is a budding singer-songwriter from Vancouver. With success at several national talent competitions under her belt (Best album at Young Artist Academy, Rising Star at LA Music Critics Award and more), Sofia has been wowing audiences around the world with her powerhouse vocals (boasting an astonishing five octave range) and astonishing natural talent. Drawing influence from the likes of Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, Mariah Carey and more, she writes music with interwoven elements of R&B, Soul, Pop, Gospel and Hip-Hop forming a fresh and unique sound, carrying messages of positivity and empowerment.

After two years of artistic discovery and refinement, the pop princess is releasing her most powerful material to date. Having already received radio play and TV coverage in Canada and the USA, the new single, ‘Smile’ is already generating a great buzz around the young artist, with reviewers saying “From the opening chords to the first few notes sang, every moment takes you on a beautiful musical journey”. Produced by Roy Hamilton III (Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Joe), the track is smooth and uplifting. Warm and jazzy guitars pave the way, driven by an R&B inspired drumbeat and gospel style backing vocals. Sofia’s voice is soulful, emotive and heart warming throughout, delivering her message of positivity with perfection.

Sofia’s goal is to change the world with her music and with her latest single she is one leap closer. If you love authentic pop music fuelled by undeniable talent, don’t miss out on Sofia Evangelina’s brand new track ‘Smile’.

Zaida Is Back With Stunning New Single “Serendipity”

London, 04/11/19

Miami based singer-songwriter, Zaida, has just released her brand new single, “Serendipity”, an emotive and moving song written about taking opportunities in love when you see them.

Hailing from Miami, Zaida was born into an artistic family and learned to play the piano with her mother at the age of 12, sparking her passion for music. Inspired by the likes of Rob Thomas and Jewel, Zaida is a storyteller in her songwriting, saying, “I want the people to feel what I felt, to see what I have seen, and to know what I have learned.” Her touching lyrics are delivered through her soothing, yet powerful voice.

Zaida’s latest single is a story of love, exploring whether or not to take chances and opportunities when you see them. Her expressive vocal delivery thrives in this song. At the start, she sings intimately, with warming tones that will grip any listener. As the song builds, with energetic drums and soaring guitar, the strength and power in Zaida’s voice shines through, perfectly showcasing her passionate and honest songwriting.

If you love pop-rock music and authentic, heartfelt songwriting, Zaida’s new single is for you. “Serendipity” cements Zaida’s position as one to watch in 2019 as her music connects with more and more listeners around the world.

Listen To Amy Bristow's Debut Single ‘Be There’

London, 19/09/19

Norfolk based singer-songwriter, Amy Bristow, has just released her debut single, ‘Be There’. Her soulful voice and impassioned songwriting are sure to leave a lasting impression on listeners worldwide.

Drawing her musical inspiration from the likes of Lily Allen, Jessie Ware and Sam Smith, Amy Bristow loves writing stories and creating a picture with words and sound. She studied at Access To Music in Norwich in 2010 and has since been building on her songwriting, crafting a set list of tracks, which she has started to perform this summer. Her effortlessly soulful voice has been captivating audiences since.

Amy Bristow’s debut single, ‘Be There’, boasts her unique sound in great style. Joe Rodwell’s production is bursting with commercial potential. Beautiful piano leads the way, complimented by a driving bass line, funky drums and summery brass embellishments. Amy’s voice awe-inspiring from start to finish. Her heartfelt lyrics are the perfect companion to her rich and emotive vocal style.

If you love authentic pop music, infused with a hint of soul, you will not want to miss out on Amy Bristow’s debut single ‘Be There’.

Tobiloba's Inspiring New Song ‘Who Else?’

London, 23/07/19

Bucharest based Gospel artist, Tobiloba, has just released his magnificent new single ‘Who Else’ and it is everything fans will crave and more from the well-established songwriter. 

Tobiloba is a Nigerian born Gospel artist and composer, currently working from Bucharest. He creates lyrically rich contemporary Gospel with inspiring musicianship and incredible commercial potential. Having developed an outstanding reputation in the Romanian music industry, making regular TV appearances and performances, Tobiloba is ready to spread his music further and grow his family of music lovers.

‘Who Else?’ is a spectacular and inspiring single. The production creates an incredible sense of atmosphere from the off, filling the listener with a sense of positivity. The arrangement is huge and theatrical, perfectly completed by Tobiloba’s smooth and passionate vocals, carrying the emotive and eloquent lyrics with perfection.

If you love fresh and energising Gospel music, Tobiloba is for you. His music is sure to become a mainstay in Gospel playlists all around the world in no time.

Pris Releases Latest Single ‘What Could’ve Been’

London, 07/05/19

Pris, a talented singer-songwriter from Brazil, has just released her latest single, ‘What Could’ve Been’, lifted from her debut EP ‘Solar’. The track is vivacious, organic and boasts instant commercial appeal.

Hailing from São Paulo, Pris grew up exposed to her father’s rock ‘n’ roll records, with artists like The Rolling Stones, Dire Straits and Pink Floyd sparking her passion for music. After exploring her own tastes, she has fallen in love with creating autobiographical electro/alternative pop. Having released her debut EP ‘Solar’ in late 2018, she is ready to push her latest single, ‘What Could’ve Been’.

Production wise, the track is fresh and original. Atmospheric synths, punchy low-end and subtle acoustic guitar blend together to create a minimal, yet full feel to the track. Brief and elegant backing vocals highlight the relaxed (yet emotive) vocal delivery. Pris’ gracefully written lyrics are complemented by infectious melodies throughout the song.

If you love original, alternative pop music written with real passion, Pris will be “one to watch” as we head into the summer months. Her latest single ‘What Could’ve Been’ is out now on all major streaming platforms, with the music video available to watch on YouTube.

Emotional New Song ‘What You Wanted’ From Kingsy

London, 26/04/19

Brighton based artist, Kingsy, has just released his brand new single ‘What You Wanted’, an upbeat pop track oozing with summer vibes that will make you want to move your feet.

Influenced by his emotions and experiences, Kingsy creates pop music infused with dance and a touch of trap, which he describes as “dark magic with fine caramel and honey swirls.” Although his music remains movable, more emotions and deeper feelings have crept their way into Kingsy’s songs as his musical progression continues.

‘What You Wanted’ is a floor-filling tune, bursting with life. The production is slick and is guaranteed to have even the most reserved listeners dancing their hearts out. On top of this, Kingsy’s vocal delivery is passionate and emotive throughout, while the hooks are infectiously catchy.

With summer just around the corner, ‘What You Wanted’ is certain to find its way into feel good playlists around the world, leaving us yearning to hear what Kingsy has in store for us next.

Katie Veltri's Breath-taking New Single ‘Deep Down’

London, 28/03/19

New York born songwriter, Katie Veltri, has released her breathtaking new single ‘Deep Down’, a gripping track lifted from her album ‘Deconstructing Love’ with a truly fresh and unique sound.

Katie Veltri currently resides in Charleston, South Carolina and has always had a burning passion for songwriting. She finds herself inspired by the likes of Annie Clark, Pink Floyd and Whitney Houston and draws upon these influences to create her unique blend of indie pop, R&B and folk music. Having release her debut album ‘Deconstructing Love’ in 2018, Katie is now ready to release her latest single ‘Deep Down’.

‘Deep Down’ brings together elements of R&B and folk, with hints of trance to create a distinctive and refreshing sound. The production is crisp and original, with a thumping bass line and punchy beat it’s guaranteed to have you tapping along from the word go. Beautifully delicate piano melodies shine through, while Katie’s smooth, soulful voice delivers her carefully crafted lyrics and melodies with perfection.

Like a breath of fresh air, the stunning new single ‘Deep Down’
cements Katie Veltri as “one to watch” as we head into the spring months.

Manny Clef Goes Acoustic With ‘Yaya’

London, 28/02/19

Manny Clef, a talented songwriter hailing from East London, has just released his stunning new single ‘Yaya’, a smooth and soulful acoustic track, oozing with passion and emotion.

Manny Clef is a multi-talented songwriter who was born and raised in Leyton, East London. Drawing inspiration from artists including Lemar, Michael Jackson and Marvin Gaye, he wears heart on his sleeve and writes fearlessly expressive and emotive music. Having already received a huge amount of praise from BBC Introducing, Manny’s latest single, ‘Yaya’, is expected to reach new heights.

‘Yaya’ is driven by a bright and percussive acoustic guitar sound, which instantly establishes a tone of tranquility for the rest of the track. The vocal feels intimate and eloquent, delivering the lyrical content flawlessly. This is beautifully complemented by subtle and soulful electric guitar.

‘Yaya’ is simplicity executed with perfection. If you love easy
listening R&B and soul, with heartfelt lyrics and smooth vocals, Manny Clef will be one to watch in 2019.

Linda Gives Us A Fresh Pop Sound On ‘Under The Radar’

London, 25/02/19

Swedish multi-talented musician, Linda Berving, has just released her latest single ‘Under The Radar’. This new release is a beaming pop song with well-crafted, soulful melodies.

Linda Berving is a singer, songwriter and multi- instrumentalist from Sweden. Drawing inspiration from jazz, soul, funk and R&B, Linda’s music is incredibly diverse and expansive.

Her latest release, ‘Under The Radar’, draws heavily on soulful pop and flirty electronica. The production feels slick and modern from the get-go, with a driving bass line and drumbeat that make you want move throughout. When the chorus arrives, the song bursts into life in the most spectacular fashion. The pace picks up while glistening guitars and synths begin to lead the way, perfectly complementing Linda’s smooth, emotive vocal delivery and infectious melodies.

If you love fresh pop music with spectacular arrangements and beautiful vocals, Linda Berving’s latest release, ‘Under The Radar’, is sure to impress.

Electronic Ensemble, Drakmah's New Track ‘Hear’.

London, 28/01/19

London-based electronic ensemble, Drakmah, have just released their latest single ‘Hear’, taken from their ‘Storyteller’ EP. The new track is packed with energy and boasts a truly fresh and unique sound.

Originating from Naples, Italy, but living in London, Drakmah produce a signature blend of indie, electronic and alternative music. Drawing influence from Alt-J, Pink Floyd, Flume and more, they are constantly striving to combine opposing genres, instruments and ways of thinking to create music that explores the limits of sound and is unlike anything else.

Their latest single, ‘Hear’, is a fantastic showcase of their ability to push boundaries and create amazing music. With its thunderous bass line, soaring synths and captivating soundscapes, this single pulls you in and doesn’t let go. The vocal delivery is spectacular and oozes passion throughout.

With a release as strong as ‘Hear’, Drakmah are a breath of
fresh air and have cemented themselves as one to watch over the coming months. Expect to hear big things from them in 2019.

Laura Airaksinen - ‘Tonight’ is Emotive and Honest.

London, 21/01/19

Finland based singer-songwriter, Laura Airaksinen, has just released her brand new single, ‘Tonight’, a stunning ballad oozing with influences of soul, jazz and pop music.

Laura Airaksinen is a songwriter living in Fiskars, Finland. Her music draws influence from jazz, soul, folk and pop and is recorded with top musicians from all over the world, including live strings, horns, choirs and more. With topics of love, longing, long- distance relationships and uncertainty around decisions in life, her expertly crafted lyrics are the driving force behind many of her songs.

Her latest single, ‘Tonight’, is an exquisitely written ballad with an emotive and honest vocal delivery. The melodies are catchy and sit in perfect harmony with the other musical elements of the song. When it comes to production, the track is full of live instruments that deliver a beautiful ‘human’ quality, which we so often miss in modern pop music. From start to finish, this single is an excellent showcase of Laura’s impeccable songwriting talent.

If you love modern and commercial melodies with emotive and well-thought-out lyrics, combined with elements of jazz and soul, Laura Airaksinen’s latest single, ‘Tonight’, will be right up your street.

Stacey Pierre ‘Heaven’ Showcases Her Talent Perfectly

London, 10/12/18

West London based singer songwriter, Stacey Pierre, has just released her brand new single, ‘Heaven’, a delicate and soulful track lifted from her debut EP ‘EDEN’.

Stacey Pierre is an ambient singer-songwriter from West London who has recently released her debut EP, ‘Eden’. Drawing upon influences ranging from Ben Howard and A Blaze of Feather, to 2000’s R&B, Stacey’s music is packed with soft and soulful melodies, accompanied by ambient guitar lines and intricate harmonies.

Her latest single ‘Heaven’ is a stunning showcase of Stacey Pierre’s delicate and warming sound. The track features a beautiful fingerpicked acoustic guitar, which drives the music alongside a dynamic and emotive vocal melody. Exquisite layers of ambient piano, vocal harmonies and pads reinforce the track throughout, providing an incredible sense of atmosphere.

If you love mellow singer-songwriter music, packed with ambience and emotion, do not miss out on this artist. Stacey Pierre’s latest single ‘Heaven’ is sure to make a great impact in the winter months.

Demi McMahon's ‘Party’ is a Feel Good Success

London, 11/09/18

Dundee based singer, Demi McMahon, has released her brand new single ‘Party’, a song full of feel good, jazzy vibes from start to finish.

Demi McMahon is a highly talented singer from Dundee, Scotland, who has always had a strong passion and love for writing and performing music. Having played at many gigs, festivals, weddings and charity events, Demi has begun releasing her own original music.

Demi McMahon’s voice is smooth yet powerful, a trait that is wonderfully demonstrated in ‘Party’, a song about letting your hair down and feeling good. With a jazzy piano rhythm and an infectiously catchy chorus, this single is sure to get stuck in your head and make you move your feet from the get-go.

With an already loyal fan base and a new single as strong as ‘Party’, Demi is sure to continue her rise to success and find her way into playlists for years to come.

M.R.J ‘Mad Love’ Doesn't Disappoint

London, 27/07/18

London based pop artist, M.R.J, has released his new single ‘Mad Love’ and it’s a track full of summer vibes and top notch production, destined for success.

M.R.J is an exciting pop artist and songwriter from London, UK with a fresh sound and exceptional talent for writing music with chart potential. His previous releases have racked up well over 100k streams on Spotify and have attracted plenty of attention from the likes of BBC Introducing and Record Of The Day. With a great amount of hype surrounding M.R.J, ‘Mad Love’ is the next single to be released by the critically acclaimed artist.

‘Mad Love’ is a track that feels instantly familiar, yet brings a breath of fresh air to modern pop music. With huge synth lines, a pumping beat and plenty of hooks, the production is truly spectacular. M.R.J’s vocals sit perfectly within the track, delivering his lyrics with passion and emotion throughout. Producer Dan Thomas has also released a dance remix of the single, which is expected to be even more successful than his previous remix of M.R.J’s ‘Water’ from 2016, a track that is still racking up the plays today.

If fresh, modern pop music is your thing, be sure to check out ‘Mad
Love’. This track cements M.R.J as one to watch in the coming months and is certainly going to make its way into playlists all over the world.

Rachelle Gives Us New Hit ‘Drumbeat’

London, 10/07/18

Australian singer-songwriter, Rachelle, has released her stunning new single ‘Drumbeat’. Full of driving rhythms and memorable hooks, it’s sure to make it’s way into plenty of summer playlists.

Rachelle, is a highly talented and passionate singer- songwriter from Australia. She began her career as a dancer, dancing professionally for Australian artists, music videos and even on television shows including Australia’s Got Talent. After moving to London in 2012, Rachelle began pursuing her career as a singer. Already seeing success with ‘Running’ and ‘Fisherman’, ‘Drumbeat’ is the next track to be given to us by this vivacious artist.

As the name would suggest, ‘Drumbeat’ is packed with moving rhythms throughout, giving the song a natural pace that you can’t help but tap your feet to. When combined with beautiful synth textures and layers of catchy vocals, this creates a truly unique indie pop sound. With this single, Rachelle is sure to make a name for her self in the music industry as we head into the summer months.

NAKD's Catchy Hooks in Song ‘Outrageous’

London, 10/05/18

High-energy duo, NAKD, have released their latest single ‘Outrageous’, and it is full of the catchy hooks and soulful vocals that fans have come to expect from the Atlanta based pair.

NAKD are a two-piece, made up of Nate Davis and DJ Krillz. Their sound is incredibly unique, yet instantly familiar, combining the passionate sounds of Motown and funk, with the punch and energy of modern pop and EDM to create a sound described by the band as ‘Soulful Street Pop’.

Their latest release, ‘Outrageous’, features Kooly Bros and No Choice Ricco. With its pounding kick, booming bass line and insanely catchy chorus, this single is instant ear candy. Having already racked up over 52k views on YouTube, ‘Outrageous’ is sure to make it’s way into summer party playlists all over the world and NAKD are, with no doubt, one to watch in 2018. For all the latest on the duo head over to