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James Dyble

Call on 0207 118 3444

Based in Central London. 


James Dyble

Call on 0207 118 3444

Based in Central London. 

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Frederik Cornelius Set To Release New Track ‘Someday’

Release Date: 27/03/20

The Denmark based musician, Frederik Cornelius to release ‘Someday’ straight off the back the success of his previous hit ‘This Ain’t Love’.

Frederik is an Indie and Pop singer-songwriter who never sticks to the status quo. As a result, he likes to play with his sound and create something truly unique to himself, which he has done correctly here with ‘Someday’.

Furthermore, the new track has taken Frederik into a whole new dimension with its more poppy and indie vibe and catchy melodies. It’s a real stand out performance from Frederik which plays with our heartstrings with hits heartfelt emotion.

‘Someday’ is centred around thinking about a loved one who will be with someday. Frederik transparently expresses emotion proving just how important friendship is. You can almost hear the cracks in his vocals from the intense feelings which make this track quite the masterpiece.

If you are looking for something which will grab you from your chair and take you on an inspiring journey, then look no further than ‘Someday’.

Rebsie Fairholm & Marvin B Naylor Release ‘Ark’

London, 03/02/20

Rebsie Fairholm & Marvin B Naylor have released the charismatic new single ‘Ark’ taken from their forthcoming album.

Rebsie is an artist who delves into a dark realm of psych-folk while Marvin comes from a background of early indie and pop. Combined together and they have created a hybrid sound which cannot be sniffed at.

The track kicks off with a guitar hook which grabs you and does not let go. Vocally, the pair complement each other both mirroring their words with confidence. It’s a catchy number, one which does not leave you for some time and for the right reasons. It’s a very British sounding 70s influenced track but yet it stays current to the modern scene providing just about something for everybody.

A song which delivers a story about finding something amazing unexpectedly ‘finding rainbows in the dark’. Well, this collaboration comes as a surprise but yet it works very well.

If you are seeking the finest indie folk then look no further than this release from Rebsie Fairholm & Marvin B Naylor. You can buy the single here

Indie Rockers Girl Afraid Have ‘Dutch Courage’ With New Release

London, 20/01/20

Hull based Indie rockers Girl Afraid are set to release new track ‘Dutch Courage’ on the 7th Feb 2020 and you need to grab it now whilst its hot!

First we had Hull based LIFE, who took the U.K by storm and now we have Girl Afraid who are storming onto the British Indie scene. Their sound draws influences from the likes of Queens Of The Stone Age to fellow indie new comers ‘Fountains D.C. Nevertheless, they have crafted a remarkably inimitable sound of their very own.

As its title indicates, ‘Dutch Courage’ oozes confidence from the very start. It’s a hard hitting track with huge drums which would make even the sternest of listeners tap their foot. Also slick guitar riffs which take a new dimension of early indie as well an awe-inspiring vocal from front man Sam Mellors.

Girl Afraid are taking no hostages with this release. Therefore, if you are seeking the finest catchy indie rock then look no further than ‘Dutch Courage’.

Listen To Scott Beckett’s Newest Track ‘It’s Gonna Be Alright’.

London, 20/01/20

Liverpool based musician, Scott Beckett’s newest track ‘It’s Gonna Be Alright’ has recently released. The touching song is the opening single from Scott’s second EP, ‘The Ferris Wheel’. Which is due for release next month.

‘It’s Gonna Be Alright’ is an emotional ballad detailing finally finding the light after a harrowing period of darkness. The message of the song is truly reassuring to its listeners. Because we follow the journey of realisation that things really are ‘gonna be alright’ after a tough time as the lyrics state.

The folk influenced acoustic track is a breath of fresh air at its core. The single gives us a positive message that we have all needed at one time of another. Giving us a sense of support even just for the length of the song. Scott’s voice is soothing, and the chorus takes away the darkness. Instilling a sense of hope in his audience, Scott’s lyrics are raw and genuine, something much sought after in today’s climate.

Scott Beckett is an acoustic pop/rock musician from Liverpool. His acoustic driven music is full of catchy melodies and choruses. His lyrics are always relatable, with an emotional flair of song writing clear throughout his career.

Scott’s musical influences are clearly heard, with the sounds of Noel Gallagher, Bob Dylan and The Beatles resonating throughout his music.

If this opening single is anything to go by, Scott’s new EP is going to be full of catchy hits for your playlist. Make sure to watch out for his new release, ‘The Ferris Wheel’ coming this February.

Mad Panda Release ‘In The Note’. Heard It Yet?

London, 15/11/19

Essex duo, Mad Panda, have just released their brand new single ‘In The Note’, a dreamy and psychedelic single that’s sure to captivate listeners worldwide.

Hailing from Braintree, Essex, Mad Panda are a musical duo formed of Zac and Sid. They create alternative music, crafted with beautiful soundscapes and powerful lyrical content. Their latest single is the final track from their album ‘Metamelodoria’ and is an incredible demonstration of their musical prowess.

Opening with a warm and inviting guitar line, the tone is set right away. The reverb soaked vocals are sung with authenticity and a sense of intimacy, carrying the eloquently written lyrics perfectly. The song builds towards the final section, in which we hear more charming melodies in the guitar and ethereal backing vocals.

If you love psychedelic music with an out of this world sound
and incredible songwriting, you’ll love Mad Panda’s new single, ‘In The Note.’

The Strands Indie Anthem ‘Yoney’

London, 09/08/19

Newcastle indie rockers, The Strands, have just released their anthemic new single, ‘Yoney’. Having generated a lot of buzz with their floor-filling indie rock sound this year, this latest release is set to spread like wildfire.

The Strands are an exciting, up and coming indie band from Newcastle. The quartet draw inspiration from the likes of Blossoms, Circa Waves and Arctic Monkeys to create a zestful, guitar-driven indie rock sound, teeming with earworm hooks and energising rhythms.

Their previous singles, ‘Combine’ and ‘Don’t Go Away’, have made a great impression on listeners and with ‘Yoney’, The Strands are sure to build on this. Jangling guitar licks, which are catchy in their own right, lead the way for the band’s signature indie rock sound. The production is polished and professional, without losing the live energy that fans love, while Dean Herron’s distinctive vocals are raw and emotive throughout, carrying the straight-talking lyrical content with perfection.

If you love fresh and exciting indie music, The Strands are a must hear. Their anthemic new single ‘Yoney’ is out now.

F4CADE’s Dreamy New Single ‘Sand’ – Out Soon

London, 08/07/19

London based trio, F4CADE, have just released their brand new single ‘Sand’, a dreamy and unique track, showcasing an immeasurable level of artistry and musical prowess.

F4CADE are the creators and guiding lights of the new “Art Wave” genre. Building on their experience at the world-renowned BRIT School in London, they create fresh and new art-focused music, blending early 80’s New Wave, soaring vocals and smooth 80’s synths, accompanied by 60’s style guitar and fretless

bass. This leads to a unique, engaging and ethereal sound that weaves cutting edge and romantic music together while drawing on the legacy of the 60’s to the 80’s.

Their latest single, ‘Sand’, perfectly captures their signature “Art Wave” sound. Free and flowing bass lines provide the rhythm, while jangling guitar and 80’s inspired synth pads envelope the listener, creating a soaring and ethereal atmosphere. The poetic lyrics are delivered through layers of smooth, passionate and emotive vocals. The vibrant music video highlights F4CADE’s creative talent, perfectly complementing the track and blending into single audio holistic experience.

If you love music that is truly unique, created with no boundaries, then you will love F4CADE and their dreamy new single, ‘Sand’. You can also hear them in person at the Notting Hill Arts Club on 13th July and the O2 Academy Islington on 1st August – details on their website.  

Hybrid Kid Bring Their Song ‘David Lean’ To The Indie Scene.

London, 29/01/19

Brighton based three-piece, Hybrid Kid, have just released their latest single ‘David Lean’, a searing indie rock track with a folk influence, lifted from their self-titled EP.

Hybrid Kid are an indie rock outfit from Brighton inspired by the collective history of British music. They have been playing for a number of years in various guises and places, including the US, where the band were based for a prolonged stint. Now back on home soil, appearances on Brighton’s Latest TV, The Roadee, airplay on Xfm, Radio Reverb and many college radio stations worldwide have slowly built them an underground cult following.

Their latest single, ‘David Lean’, draws upon influences including Radiohead, Pavement and Interpol, fusing folk with British indie rock to form a song that builds in the most alluring way. The shimmering acoustic guitar is present throughout, whilst around it the instrumental develops and flows. Meanwhile, the vocals are sung with feeling and intensity, drawing the listener into the performance.

Hybrid Kid have a great track record of success on the airwaves and with their latest release, ‘David Lean’, they have put their music on the radar once again as we head into 2019.

Home State ‘Tried To Stay’ is a Must Listen

London, 29/01/19

New York based band, Home State, have released their brand new single, ‘Tried To Stay’, a captivating and electrifying pop track that is sure to impress both fans of the band and new listeners alike.

Home State formed in Brooklyn in 2015 and found early success with their critically acclaimed debut single ‘Without Your Love’, which was featured in Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist and US Viral 50 Chart. Fusing raw elements of rock with sonics of pop and electronic music, Home State have established themselves as one to watch in the US and with their latest release, they hope to spread the word overseas.

‘Tried To Stay’ has every ingredient for a hit single. Vocalist, Alex Friedlander, sings the lyrics and topline with a smooth, yet passionate delivery. Soaring synthesizers, reminiscent of 80s pop in places, surround the listener while the punchy drum beat drives the song forwards and makes you want to move from start to finish.

If you love commercial pop music with an edgy, rock ‘n’ roll twist, Home State’s latest single is sure to impress.

Two Thirds Of Me Newest Song ‘Love of My Life’

London, 28/01/19

Glasgow based songwriter, Two Thirds Of Me, has just released his latest single ‘Love of My Life’, an up-tempo yet easy-going track lifted from the debut EP ‘Love on Mars’.

Born in Rome, but living in Glasgow, Two Thirds Of Me is a songwriter and music producer who draws influence from artists including Red Hot Chilli Peppers, John Mayer, Passenger and more. The drive behind his creativity is the search for that metaphorical “missing third”, which is evident in his wild experimentation and versatility as an artist.

His music is packed with funky rhythms and catchy melodies. ‘Love of My Life’ is no exception. Opening with a bright and snappy guitar riff, paired with an upbeat drum rhythm and bass line, this single grabs your attention from the get-go. The melodies are beautifully simplistic and infectiously catchy; the perfect companion to Two Thirds Of Me’s incredible lyricism.

If you love chilled out pop music, with funky guitars and
bouncy rhythms, this single is for you. ‘Love of My Life’ is sure to find its way into plenty of playlists over the coming weeks and with more new music on the way, Two Thirds of Me is one of the most exciting new artists around this year.

‘Feelin Fine’ is An Orange Conspiracy's Newest Track

London, 24/01/19

Scottish alternative rockers, An Orange Conspiracy, have just released their brand new single ‘Feelin Fine’. Lifted from their debut EP, AOC, the track is everything fans will desire and more from the band of brothers.

Ricki, Leo and Casey Galea, released their debut EP, AOC, in late 2018, a year which saw an inspiring breakthrough for the Perth- based trio. Drawing upon influences including Nirvana, The Black Keys and even Led Zeppelin, An Orange Conspiracy create their own unique sound, floating between grunge, blues and psyche. With buzzing, sold-out shows and no shortage of endorsements, the band are ready to release their latest single ‘Feelin Fine’.

‘Feelin Fine’ features observational lyrics on modern society, delivered through infectiously catchy melodies with grit and passion. With impactful layers of bluesy guitars, a driving bass line and a drum beat that strikes the perfect balance between mellow and punchy, this track is sure to please any fan of guitar music.

An Orange Conspiracy are heading out on a UK tour in February and with a single as strong as ‘Feelin Fine’, you won’t want to miss them.

‘Squares Are People Too’ from The Vast Oddity is Bold and Experimental

London, 21/01/19

South African duo, The Vast Oddity, have released their latest single ‘Squares Are People Too’, a bold, experimental track that is sure to be unlike anything you’ve heard before.

The Vast Oddity are a duo who use their guitars, voices and a loop pedal to create out of this world sounds and melodies that captivate listeners all around the world. They draw upon influences like modern society, space and the oceans to bring unusual concepts to their music that keep your mind wandering throughout. Having already received radio play from a long list of stations in South Africa, including a five-week run at number one on Zone Radio, the pair are ready to push their sound to the wider industry.

‘Squares Are People Too’ opens with a booming kick drum, giving you the urge to tap along from the get-go. Packed with gritty guitar riffs, saturated vocals and fascinating percussive elements, this track is something truly unique. Despite having such an experimental sound, it is filled to the brim with hooks and melodies that feel instantly familiar, sure to have you singing along.

If you love music that pushes boundaries and defies genre, The Vast Oddity are one to watch as we head into 2019.

Madax Back Again With Song ‘Drown’

London, 07/11/18

Northern Italian Funk Rockers, Madax, have just released their brand new single ‘Drown’. A lively, melodic and refreshing track lifted from their album ‘Individuum’.

Madax are from South Tyrol in the Italian Dolomites, near the Austrian border. Drawing influence from the likes of Pink Floyd, Toto and Genesis, Madax create modern funk rock music, focusing on conveying the band’s values through catchy melodies and exquisitely crafted instrumentals.

Their latest single, ‘Drown’, boasts their natural talent and songwriting prowess with perfection. The sleek, clean production puts every musical element in the spotlight. The drums are energetic and punchy, backed up by a funky, upfront bass line that almost forces you to tap along. Glistening guitars and brass highlight the catchy vocal melodies throughout, finalizing the modern funk sound of this track. The recently released music video, featuring some amazing underwater footage of the band, is available to watch here:

If you love feel good, catchy music with modern production and a hint of nostalgia, Madax are the band for you.

The Twin Cams Sing Strongly Over Guitar On ‘Laura’.

London, 13/10/18

Highlands based indie band, The Twin Cams, have just released their brand new single ‘Laura’. The independently released song is the first to be completed from their upcoming second album and is sure to go down a treat with fans of the band and new listeners alike.

The Twin Cams are an alternative band, who formed in the Highlands of Scotland. Influenced by the likes of The Beatles, Neil Young, Oasis and more, they create fresh and unique indie-rock music with elements of blues and country. Having already released a full-length album, followed by an EP, The Twin Cams have an expansive discography that continues to get better with each release.

‘Laura’ does not break the trend. With layers of driven guitars, a steady drum beat and solid bass line, this track instantly pulls the listener into The Twin Cam’s signature sound, creating moody yet beautiful foundation for the top line. The vocals are bright and dreamy, delivering the band’s attentively written lyrics with a simple and catchy melody.

For fans of guitar music, The Twin Cams unique blend of indie-rock, blues and country is sure to impress. With a second album on the way and a release as strong as ‘Laura’, they have cemented themselves as one to watch over the coming months.

Scott Beckett's Stunning Debut ‘Take Me Home’

London, 21/09/18

Scott Beckett has just released his debut single ‘Take Me Home’ and it exceeds every expectation of the singer- songwriter who is already well established in his hometown of Liverpool.

Scott Beckett is a regular on the Liverpool live music scene, having played at multiple venues across the city and with a residency at the world famous Cavern Club, Scott’s acoustic driven music always goes down a treat. Focusing on catchy melodies and relatable lyrics, he draws influence from songwriters such as Noel Gallagher, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon and fellow Liverpudlians, The Beatles.

‘Take Me Home’ is sensational first release. Scott Beckett’s voice is crystal clear and smooth throughout, delivering his thoughtful lyrics with audible passion. The song builds from stripped back acoustic guitar through to an anthemic, yet never over the top sound, filled out with piano, drums and glistening strings.

If you love singer-songwriter music, Scott Beckett will be a must-hear artist as we head into the autumn months. His stunning debut ‘Take Me Home’ is available now on all major online stores.

Lee Hutchings' Strong Melodies in ‘Hidden Under Your Feet’

London, 17/09/18

Surrey based actor and musicqian, Lee Hutchings, has just released his new single ‘Hidden Under Your Feet’, a song that is sure to impress with strong melodies and hooks throughout.

Lee Hutchings is a professional actor and musician from Surrey. Having been the drummer for established alternative band, Torque Armada, since 2005, Lee has been gigging and writing music for many years. In the past year he has started to release original solo music and his new single is a fine example of his musical talent.

‘Hidden Under Your Feet’ features all of the ingredients for
a hit rock song. It demands attention with big guitars, strong melodies and drums that drive and build motion towards
each chorus, this track feels instantly familiar and will leave
you itching for more. With such exceptional song writing
and a track record of success, Lee Hutchings is sure to make
an impact in the music industry as we head into the autumn months.

Paul De Leon Lives Up To Expectations With ‘Criminals’

London, 31/08/18

Australian born singer-songwriter, Paul De Leon, has released his brand new single, ‘Criminals’ and it lives up to all expectations following the success of his previous releases ‘The One You Want’ and ‘Take It Away’.

Before entering the world of singing and song writing, Paul De Leon was a drummer and guitarist. His music is best described as mellow indie rock, full of infectious hooks and powerful instrumentation. His song writing oozes passion and authenticity, both lyrically and melodically.

With its slick production, mellow drumbeat and sparkling guitar tones, ‘Criminals’ is a track full of atmosphere and originality. Paul’s smooth vocals deliver his lyrics with incredible expression, connecting you with the song from the get-go.

Paul De Leon has impressed with every track he’s released recently and has surely cemented himself as ‘one to watch’ in the indie scene this year. If chilled out indie-rock is your thing, be sure to give ‘Criminals’ a listen.

Jack Carleton's Laidback Single ‘Ringside’

London, 27/07/18

20-year-old singer-songwriter, Jack Carleton, has released his laidback debut single ‘Ringside’, a chilled and catchy track full of evocative lyricism and creativity, lifted from the upcoming ‘Lighthouse’ EP.

Edinburgh singer-songwriter, Jack Carelton, uses his music to express the trials and tribulations of addiction with honest lyrics and unique song writing. He writes relatable music confronting insecurities and anxieties, striking a chord with a wide range of listeners. Drawing from influences of soul, folk, funk and hip-hop, Jack’s music is something truly original and the debut single, ‘Ringside’ makes a spectacular first impression.

With silky guitar tones, groovy bass and a beat that makes you want to move from the get-go, ‘Ringside’ is the perfect mellow summer tune. Jack delivers his wonderfully creative, yet honest lyrics with soft and calm vocals reminiscent of Jack Johnson.

‘Ringside’, is a stunning debut from Jack Carleton and is sure to impress. With the release of his ‘Lighthouse’ EP coming up, he will certainly be one to watch this year.

Simon D James' Captivating New Song ‘Take Your Time’

London, 16/07/18

Brighton based singer-songwriter, Simon D James, has just released his beautiful new single ‘Take Your Time’, lifted from his brand new EP ‘Songs from a Dream Long Forgotten’.

Simon D James has been writing music since he was just 16 years old and began his career by busking all over the world, from Europe to Delhi. His music captivates people wherever he goes, once bringing Delhi train station to a standstill as crowds came to watch him play on the platform. Simon says he has ‘taken a piece of each person and place from his travels to create a patchwork of joys and frustrations that inspire his music.’

The latest EP is inspired by Simon’s time in Calais, seeing the loss and suffering that was happening amongst refugees and carries the message that we all need love, regardless of who we are.

‘Take Your Time’ features huge textures of ambient synths with a contrastingly dry drum beat, a combination that carries the feeling of the song with great grace. Simon’s voice shows incredible emotion throughout and the spacey backing vocals add great charm. With ‘Take Your Time’ set to make its way into many playlists, Simon D James is without a doubt one to watch this summer.

Donald Newholm Goes Solo On Song ‘Goat Boat’

London, 11/05/18

Songwriter, musician and comic, Donald Newholm, has released ‘Goat Boat’, the debut single from his upcoming solo album ‘Hubris’ and it is just as quirky as you would expect from the London based artist.

Inspired by the likes of Scott Walker, Tom Waits and David Bowie, Donald is a multi instrumentalist, whose music has previously been described as ‘deliciously reckless’ and ‘pure and unusual genius’. Having spent ten years with comedy act ‘Pig with the Face of a Boy’, he has been left with a collection of unreleased material, which after building a studio and collating an album’s worth of tracks, is ready to be showcased.

‘Goat Boat’ is the first of Donald’s new material to be released. It draws influences from folk music, orchestral music, jazz and even circus music. The track is beautifully bazaar and makes you want to jive right off the bat with its fast-paced, bouncing rhythm. If music that eschews modernity and screams originality is your thing, be sure to add ‘Goat Boat’ to your playlist.