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Hip Hop Releases


James Dyble

Call on 0207 118 3444

Based in Central London. 


James Dyble

Call on 0207 118 3444

Based in Central London. 

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IAMHaile Releases Huge Track 'Thank You'

Release Date: Coming Soon

U.S based rapper IAMHaile has just released his new track ‘Thank You’. It is everything you would expect and more from an artist of this calibre.

Hailing from North Carolina, IAMHaile is a rapper who creates music with an influence from the Bible. As a result, he has crafted a sound and an ability to change lives through his music. Also, having been written off as the underdog in his past, IAMHaile is testimony that you can achieve anything if you set your mind to it.

‘Thank You’ kicks off with a soothing melody which sits firmly on a tight beat which pulls you in instantly. The track boasts confidence throughout with its catchy hooks and attractive theme. IAMHaile’s vocal shines through impeccably and leaves you feeling empowered with its sublime delivery.

If you are seeking the most beautiful Hip Hop And Rap, then look no further than IAMHaile.

Mustie Drops New Track ‘Fantasma’

Release Date: 28/03/20

Sheffield based Electronic Hip Hop musician Mustie has just released his new track ‘Fantasma’.

Mustie who has found influences from the likes of FKA Twigs, Crystal Castles and M.I.A has managed to carve a unique sound of his own whilst staying true to the genre. His music takes you into an eclectic realm with a blend of hip hop beats, heavy hitting synths and well delivered soulful vocals.

‘Fantasma’ is a track which is set to delight hip hop fans far and wide with its senseless and captivating vibe. The track is the first release from Mustie in 2020 and delivers everything you would expect from an artist of this calibre. It has a catchy melody which drives the track throughout with a piercing beat and a synth line which grabs you and does not let go.

If you are seeking the finest in electronic hip hop then look no further than Mustie.

Teri Sillo Mesmerizes With Afro- Pop Track ‘Feel For You’

London, 06/01/20

Sheffield born British-Nigerian Teri Sillo has released new track ‘Feel For You‘ taken from her highly acclaimed E.P ‘Plus or Minus You’. A track which is available to stream on all major streaming platforms and a release which you need to hear whilst its hot.

Teri is not only a singer-songwriter paving her own path with her music but a pianist and guitarist who is signed to her own record label ‘Boldly Artistic’. She promotes a blend of Afrobeat and Afro-soul whilst keeping a classical edge throughout her E.P. Also, with influences ranging from Emeli Sandé to Celine Dion, this track really is set to delight many globally.

‘Feel For You’ is a true feel good track boasting confidence throughout. A majestic vocal from Teri Sillo fits like a glove on a beat which would make even the sternest of listeners shake their foot. It also has an infectious melody which hits you from the first listen.

Teri has already drawn attention from some of the world’s most reputable contacts including the BBC. Also with a new album set for release in Summer 2020, this musician is one to keep a close eye fixed on.

Furthermore, if you are seeking the brightest star in Afropop and Afrobeat then look no further than Teri Sillo.

Zonj3 Releases Brand New Single ‘Extra’

London, 09/12/19

London based singer-songwriter, Zonj3, has just released his latest single ‘Extra’. Having generated an incredible buzz with his previous releases, this track is expected to take the artist to new heights as we head into 2020.

Zonj3, also known as Adam Idris, is a singer-songwriter hailing from Shepherds Bush Green in London. His sound draws upon elements of Nubian music, hip-hop, afro and dance to create a unique blend that has been captivating listeners around the world. Inspired by love and nature, he started making music as recently as 2016 and has already seen great success, with his songs being featured on BBC radio stations and collecting hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube.

Off the back of his previous mixtapes, “Land of Kush” and “Nightingales Desire”, the latest single, ‘Extra’, takes his unique sound one step further. His signature vocal style shines, delivering the catchy melodies in a smooth and stylish fashion. The production is vibrant and perfectly complements Zonj3’s voice, giving the song heaps of commercial potential. Lyrically, the song is sure to resonate with fans, telling a story of falling so contently in love with somebody that it stops you in your tracks and changes the way you are for the better.

With the success Zonj3 has seen in 2018, his brand new single
‘Extra’ is set to take audiences by storm, cementing him as one to watch as we head into the


Heist's Debut Single ‘At The Table'

London, 04/11/19

Texan Hip-Hop group, Heist, have just released their brand new single, ‘At The Table’. Filled with skilfully constructed hooks and verses on top of a huge beat, this debut is set to make a huge impact on the hip-hop scene.

The Dallas-based group are made up of Minx (Tiny Bull), a vocalist with a background in dark pop, bringing her knack for finding melodies that can illuminate a track, Coast Los, a southern rapper with a poetic and soulful flow and finally, Dyggz, a true lyrical rapper from the east coast with a unique approach to rhythm that can free up a beat. The three members often come together and make music on the spot, an artist style they call “Organic Vibe Music”.

‘At The Table’ is a powerful and gripping single. Opening with a huge bass line right of the bat, the tone is set. Each member brings their unique style and flow to the beat, creating a sound that is constantly developing with new hooks and rhythms, keeping you reaching for that replay button time after time.

With a debut as bold as At The Table, Heist are set to take over Hip-Hop playlists worldwide, cementing them as one to watch as 2019 draws to a close.

Sabathil's Latest Single ‘StockWentUp’. Listen Now

London, 04/11/19

Arizona hip-hop artist, Sabathil, has just released his latest single ‘StockWentUp’. Lifted from his debut EP, ‘Alpha Centari’, this latest single is set to generate a lot of buzz around the rising artist.

Hailing from The Bronx, New York, but now residing in Arizona, Sabithil has been writing music for over 15 years with his late brother, Thaahum. Since his brother’s passing, Sabithil has vowed to continue his journey through music and challenges the social norms of modern rap by stepping up his lyrical content. His debut EP, ‘Alpha Cenari’, was released in December of 2018 and has cemented him as one to watch in the US hip-hop scene.

The latest single sees Sabathil extending his reach overseas, bringing his unique sound and well-earned hype with him. ‘StockWentUp’ features a hard-hitting beat, which is the perfect fit for the smooth, yet powerful vocal delivery. Sabathil’s bars sound effortless throughout, showcasing the huge talent he possesses.

If you love authentic hip-hop music, do not sleep on Sabathil. His new single ‘StockWentUp’ is set to take over hip-hop playlists worldwide.

Dcrae's Newest Song ‘Mama’

London, 23/07/19

Dcrae has just released his latest track ‘Mama’. Written about his late mother, the Australian rapper wears his heart on his sleeve in this powerful and thought provoking new single.

Dcrae is an emerging rapper and songwriter from Australia, who suffered a particular tough start in life, losing his mother in 2007 when he was just 16. He writes authentic and honest music, inspired by his hero Tupac and the situations he has faced, he hopes to spread his story worldwide and encourage listeners to be themselves and overcome their own challenges.

‘Mama’ is written as a tribute to Dcrae’s mother, echoing Tupac’s ‘Dear Mama’, with a sleek, modern production style. His vocals are smooth and flowing, while his lyrics are truthful and eloquent in their delivery. The single paints a powerful picture of what is like to lose someone and is sure to connect with listeners all around the world.

Having already secured radio play, ‘Mama’ is making a
lasting impression on many listeners. With an album in the works, Dcrae has cemented himself as one to watch this year.

Frenchy Makes His Mark With New Single ‘Lightning Bolt’

London, 22/07/19

South London Rapper, Frenchy, has just released his brand new single ‘Lightning Bolt’, a hard-hitting, fiery track, with which he sure to make his mark on the industry.

Born in Paris, but raised in South East London, Frenchy creates authentic, commercial rap music driven by his passion for the craft. Inspired by the strength and versatility of artists like Youngs Teflon and Wretch 32, he wants his music to inspire the spirit of his listeners and encourage them to chase their dreams.

Frenchy is already forging a reputation in the London rap scene and with his new track ‘Lightning Bolt’ he masterfully builds on that. His wordplay is slick and his flow is effortless, floating over the beat with perfection. The production is commanding and hard-hitting, with a powerful bass line, complemented with chart-worthy hooks.

If you love UK rap music, filled to the brim with undeniable talent, don’t sleep on Frenchy and his latest single ‘Lightning Bolt’.

Zonj3 is back with brand new single ‘Like Sushi’

London, 15/06/19

London based singer-songwriter, Zonj3, has just released his brand new single, ‘Like Sushi’. Following up on the success of his ‘Love Reincarnation’ EP, there is a lot of hype surrounding this new release.

Drawing up influences from Hip-Hop, Afrobeat, Nubian and Dance, Zonj3 (AKA Adam Idris), writes music that is fresh, unique and jam-packed with commercial potential. His musical journey began in 2016, when he recorded his first track and fell in love with songwriting. Since then, he has received airplay from BBC Radio and his dedicated fan base has been growing everyday.

Zonj3’s new single, ‘Like Sushi’, is upbeat and oozes summer vibes. The top line is infectiously catchy, with expertly crafted lyrics delivered through his smooth, soulful voice. The music video mimics the feel good nature of the song with vibrant, colourful visuals and has already racked up an astonishing 31k views on YouTube.

‘Like Sushi’ is the artist’s first release of the year and is certain to leave listeners itching for more. 2019 will be a big year for Zonj3.

Black Jack UK Debut a Huge New Single ‘The Moment’ Ft. Emily

London, 31/05/19

Black Jack has just released his huge new single ‘The Moment’ Ft. Emily. The UK born and raised artist is surrounded by hype at the moment and his latest release does not disappoint.

Hailing from South Manchester, Black Jack has loved Hip-Hop since he was a young child, inspired by the likes of 2pac, Biggie Smalls and Mobb Deep, but he has had a long journey to arrive where he is today. Exposed to gang culture at an early age, he regrettably found himself behind bars. However, with time to reflect, he began writing lyrics and started taking music more seriously. After being released in 2015, Black Jack booked studio time and started working on his passion. Four years on, his story has become an inspiration to many, with a feature on BBC One’s Morning Breakfast Show, involvement in BBC Three’s “Britain’s Forgotten Men” and mentoring in schools, educating children on his past and enabling them to create a better future for themselves.

With over 50k followers on his social media and his YouTube videos racking up over one million views, there is a huge amount of exciting surrounding Black Jack and his music. ‘The Moment’ Ft. Emily truly lives up to the hype. Perfectly crafted lyrics showcasing raw emotion and a hard- hitting beat make this new single gripping from start to finish.

If you love honest, inspiring Hip-Hop music with captivating lyrics and heaps of commercial potential, Black Jack is one to watch in 2019. His latest single, ‘The Moment’ Ft. Emily is out now!

Kc Pozzy and Suman Bring Us a New Collaboration ‘Eyes On You’

London, 13/05/19

UK based artists, Kc Pozzy and Suman have just released their latest single, ‘Eyes On You’, a rich and melodic collaboration that is sure to make its way into countless playlists in the coming months.

Combining elements of urban genres, Suman combines rapping and singing to create a diverse sound, with no shortage of commercial value. Kc Pozzy is a London based musician who, having played at both the SSE Arena Wembley and The O2, and having been nominated for “Best Unsigned Act” at the BEFFTA Awards, is already making waves in the music industry.

The pair have joined voices for ‘Eyes On You’. An upbeat and highly melodic track that is certain to make you move. The vibrant, up-tempo production from Ayo Beatz is bursting with summer vibes, while both singers bring hooks that are truly infectious, leaving you itching to hit the replay button.

The track is going down a storm with fans, with the music video (which premiered on Link Up TV) already surpassing 100k views. If you’re on the lookout for upbeat, summer tunes, don’t sleep on this collaboration.

Yatie Mush New Song ‘Heya’ ft. Terry Mush

London, 13/12/18

Leicester based alternative hip-hop artist, Yatie Mush, has just released his latest single ‘Heya’. The track, featuring Terry Mush, is everything fans will want and more from a modern hip-hop track.

Yatie Mush is a Zimbabwe born artist from Leicester. He is a true music lover, drawing inspiration from artists including Lauryn Hill, Kanye West, Erykah Badu, J Cole and more. With poetic and melodic lyrics, Yatie Mush comments on social and political issues, self-awareness and vulnerability, creating a connection with listeners from the get-go.

His latest single, featuring Terry Mush, is an alternative hip- hop track with a modern, commercial sound. Both vocalists provide a smooth and soulful delivery, perfectly complementing the song’s infectious hooks and rhythmic top line. The beat is punchy and full of life, making you want to move and dance from start to finish. With it’s unique sound, ‘Heya’ feels like a breath of fresh air and is sure to leave listeners all over the world reaching for the replay button.

New Single ‘NeanderFools’ from Sam Kingswood

London, 31/10/18

Essex based rapper and producer, Sam Kingswood, has just released his brand new single, ‘NeanderFools’, a passionate and politically charged hip-hop track.

Based in Southend On Sea, Sam Kingswood is a talented rapper and producer creating thought provoking hip-hop music. Drawing inspiration from a pool of artists ranging from Miles Davis to Lil Wayne, Sam Kingswood’s music is powerful; featuring stories based around personal experiences, war, corruption, politics, addiction and more.

His latest track, ‘NeanderFools’, speaks powerfully about
the state of the modern world. With a feature from Cardo and
a punchy, old school hip-hop beat, this is a single that is sure
to strike a chord with fans and new listeners alike. If meaningful rap music is what you’ve been craving, be sure to check out Sam Kingswood’s latest single.

Hung Yung Terrarist Releases Her Latest Single ‘Sleepin On Da Toe’

London, 31/10/18

American multi-talented artist, Hung Yung Terrarist, has just released her brand new single ‘Sleepin On Da Toe’, an experimental hip-hop track that screams originality and demands attention.

Hung Yung Terrarist is an American rapper, producer, comedian, actor and writer. Drawing inspiration from Die Antwoord, Wu-Tang and more, she makes avant-garde hip-hop music that has been likened to FKA-Twigs, Grimes and Coco-Rosie. Her music is heavily influenced by her theatre experience. Bringing powerful and creative visuals, Hung Yung Terrarist is a true creative force.

With production from Darryl Swann, ‘Sleepin On Da Toe’ has an old school hip-hop vibe with a dissonant and uneasy atmosphere. Hung’s vocal delivery perfectly matches the ambience created by the instrumental, boasting her lyrical talent throughout. This is a single unlike anything else on the current music scene; it’s creative freedom and originality at its finest.

Hung Yung Terrarist’s latest single cements her as one to watch in the worldwide music industry in the coming months. If you love well crafted, unique music be sure to listen to ‘Sleepin On Da Toe’.

SprightXMusic Brings Out New Track ‘Selfless’

London, 07/09/18

North London singer-songwriter, SprightXMusic, has released his brand new single ‘Selfless’, a track full of smooth vocals and atmospheric production, which is sure to make waves as we head into the autumn months.

Jeremiah Balintuma, AKA SprightXMusic, is a recording artist hailing from North London. His sound is best described as atmospheric and melodic, with elements of R&B, neo-soul and electronic music. He draws inspiration from many artists, including Favela, Honne, The Japanese House, Drake, James Blake and more.

With production from Chris OG, ‘Selfless’ is a chart-worthy track with a hard-hitting bass line and polished sound. Jeremiah’s songwriting talent shines throughout and the sense of atmosphere complements the smooth vocal hooks with great grace.

If mellow R&B with impactful songwriting and top-notch production is what you like, be sure to listen to this release. With a single as strong as ‘Selfless’, the future looks very bright for SprightXMusic.

C86's Eerie New Single ‘The Dark Ages’

London, 30/05/18

North London based artist, C86, has released his spine – tingling debut single ‘The Dark Ages’, taken from the EP, ‘Shadows in the Darkness’.

C86 is a lyricist, rapper, songwriter and producer, with a talent for sculpting a restless atmosphere through intrepid minimalism and bold vocals. After making a name for himself at various venues, including a stand out show at the O2 Academy Islington, C86 has developed a great reputation in the North London urban music scene and has received radio recognition from BBC Introducing.

‘The Dark Ages’ is an exquisitely produced single, with unsettling atmospheric effects, piercing synths and a heart pounding kick, it could almost be the soundtrack to an A-list thriller movie. When combined with C86’s gutsy vocal delivery, this track hits the listener hard.

The equally eerie music video, shot in reverse stop motion under flickering candlelight is available on Vevo. After such a unique and powerful debut, C86 will, without a doubt, be one to watch as we head into the summer months.