Power Of A Story And Why It Gets Everyone Talking About You Fast

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Power Of A Story

Do you know the power of a story and how it can turn you into a popular musician or business very fast?

Power Of A Story

Firstly it is human nature to engage with stories. Also stories which people can relate to or have some kind of emotional attachment to perform the best.

Lets look at The X Factor or Britains/ Americas Got Talent. These talent shows push stories like crazy. In fact, people generally tend to prefer an artist or performance more based on the story the show plays out before you hear or see them. As a result, these shows have figured out what it takes to get people talking about their contestants and they use it to their advantage.



A great story has the power to move people (And this is your main objective as a musician). Furthermore, people get emotionally attached to stories. Once attached, they generally respond better to you. Also a story is personable. Plus it is refreshing to read a story when all you see and hear these days is cold marketing strategies.


Social Media

I bet you have noticed that stories on social media generally get a lot more engagement than standard posts, right? Well the reason behind this is because we all get hooked into a good story. Also, it is natural for people to want to have closure on a story therefore they will keep reading the story until the end.

Social Media

Remember: even if everyone does not engage then they will have still read your story which is still great for brand awareness. 


A great story can create long term loyalty with your audience.

So how can you make use of this powerful tool?

Start sharing your stories on your website and on social media. Also, when you release a new track, do not just put out the old boring status ‘This is my new single’. Write a bit about why you wrote the song and what it means to you.

Writing A Story

Overall, I recommend that you start telling more stories and not just any story, your story!

Everybody has a story of how they got to where they are today so why not share that with your audience?

The power of a story is a marketing trick which many have had success with since day dot.

Do not miss out on the potential!

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