Power Of Consistency

Have you ever wondered why some musicians succeed and others fail? Well one theory is the power of consistency.

Having worked in the music industry for many years, I have been able to compare the musicians at the top of the game and those just playing at it. It is astounding to see how many people are not consistent with their actions.

Power Of Consistency

Consistency is everything, not just in the music industry but in every area of life. However, you must be consistent with the right actions. For example, you do not want to keep doing the same thing everyday if it is not bringing any results (That is actually insanity).

How To Be Consistent In The Music Industry

Form really great daily habits. These habits could be anything from writing down lyrics per day or networking with one new music industry contact per day. Habits can shape your future dramatically. Also by setting daily habits which you stick to, you will soon become very consistent.

Power Of Consistency

Another way to become consistent is by setting promises and not goals. It is far easier to break a goal than it is a promise. Therefore set yourself daily promises of what you need to do in that day. The benefits of this is that you will start to see results on a regular basis and you will succeed far quicker.

So, are you consistent? Ask yourself, are you doing something everyday which is leading you to your goals and dreams?

Once you become consistent, you will start to notice results compounding.

Power Of Consistency

There we have it folks. Do you know the power of consistency? If yes then great. However, if not then you need to start being consistent and go that extra mile to ensure you succeed.

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