How To Stand Out In The Music Industry

In this blog, we will explain how to stand out in the music industry.

Firstly, standing out will improve your chances of success. Overall, the main key to music success is creating your own style and becoming an original artist. No one wants to see a band/ musician which sounds exactly the same as a band which has already made success.

Be inspired by other artists and get influences from other music. However NEVER replicate other musicians work. 


You will need to be creative and make a song which is your own sound.

Over a period of time of writing your own music, you will start to find your own style. Try to keep it is as unique as possible and if you have parts of a song which sound familiar to another artist try and change this part to make it more unique to yourself.

Let yourself go! This a great method of letting your own style come out. Forget everything and remove all other songs from your head and just jam. Let the words and chord progressions flow freely. Recording your songs is a great way to listen back and pick up on sections you enjoyed and sections you are not as keen on.

How To Stand Out In The Music Industry

When writing guitar chord progressions. Why not play with chords not quite as popular as the major chords? Have a play with different chords and never be afraid of doing something different.

Be Different

Being different in music can be extremely beneficial for your success. If you look at the worlds greatest artists, they all have a unique sound. Their voices are different and the music they play is not comparable to other artists. This gives them a unique flavour which they will be forever known for.

Work on different styles and never try to replicate another musician or singer. Also, be as creative as possible and remember you will develop your own style over a period of time.

Enjoy playing your music and remember to let yourself go.

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