Music Education

Today Counts

Today Counts More Than You May Think

One of the worst traits I see in some musicians is their laid-back approach to success. They do not know how much today counts when making their dreams come too.

Let's face it; everybody has, at some point, put something off until tomorrow. We are all guilty of it (unless you are a robot). But, the consequences of even putting off the smallest things until tomorrow can have a significant impact on long term prosperity. I once read a book by John C. Maxwell, and in it, he states how "The secret to success is determined by your daily agenda", it is genuinely the truth.

Furthermore, each day you must be chipping away bit by bit. It also means that you should do everything you can today instead of leaving it for tomorrow. Why? Because there will be new stuff to do tomorrow and by delaying it, you are putting yourself back.


Also, having a daily schedule means making every hour count. Are you concentrating on the most critical areas which will lead you to success every single day? If you are not, then start removing tasks which will have no impact and start chipping away at the nitty-gritty.

Have you ever seen a musician who becomes an overnight sensation? No, you have not. There is no such thing as an overnight sensation. Some musicians appear to come out of nowhere. But, they have most likely been chipping away at it for a long time before getting onto your radar. It is rare for anyone to achieve success without having to compound small wins each day first. Therefore, start improving and growing daily. Set yourself daily goals and meet them, and before you know it, success will be knocking on your front door.

So, remember, today counts. Focus on today more than anything else, yes keep the future vision in your mind but concentrate on what you can do today as opposed to what you can do tomorrow, next week or next year.

Social Proof

Social Proof Is Important To Reach New Fans

Are you aware of how necessary social proof is when reaching new fans? Social proof will entice new audiences and will get new fans listening to your music and following your journey in little time.

Social proof is all about doing what others are doing. Audiences on social media, for example, are more inclined to check out a post if everyone else is doing so. It is what makes posts go viral, let's face it if you see a post in your news feed which has 1 million likes as opposed to another which has no likes, which one are you going to check out?

The power of social proof is astounding. It is all about hype, and the best musicians and labels know how to leverage this. Therefore, your goal should be to increase your social proof. The next time you are writing a post online, make sure it is a post which people will resonate with and one which people will share. Before long, everybody will be checking out your content because they know that everyone else is also on board.


In selling, social proof is critical. An example is Amazon; consumers are more likely to purchase a product which many people have bought before because they know that it is must be valuable if everyone else is buying it. It is the same with music, and to get your hype growing; you need to prove to people that others are interested in you also.

It is also an element which record labels will be looking at before signing you to a record contract. Labels will want to know that other people are enjoying your material. They will probably look at this even before checking out your music. Therefore, get your content on point. Also, if you have a website, put on quotes, previous press etc.

Be Pragmatic

Be Pragmatic As A Musician

One of the number one tips I give musicians is to be pragmatic. For anyone, who is unsure, on what it means, it is merely to be realistic and sensible.

Being realistic is a must for anyone in the music industry. We have all been there, including me (although many moons ago). We write a song, we think it is the best thing sliced bread, and we expect it to take the music scene by storm instantly. But, in reality, even the best tracks can find themselves collecting dust if incorrect strategies are in place.

It is all about the plan and the hype which follows. Having a great song is not enough. Yes, there is more chance that a track will find its way to the masses if it is incredible, but a clear plan will ensure it gets to where it needs to be. Therefore, never expect a track to do exceptionally well without a plan. By planning, it sets out what you will do to get it to where it needs to be. Who is the target audience? How will you reach them? Also, what are your short term goals and long term objectives?

Household Name

Becoming a household name in the music industry is a gradual process. It would be best if you chipped away at it bit by bit every day. Still, also you must stay realistic that the chances of you becoming an overnight sensation is very slim (unless a significant label signs you up instantly). But, even then, you will be surprised just how many unheard names are part of a major label's roster, so even that does not guarantee the success you may expect.

Nevertheless, do dream big. In no way is this saying to limit your vision, aim for the stars but be sensible and be real too that it will take time and effort to get to where you want. Therefore, be pragmatic, it will pay off and prevent you from falling into the trap so many have gotten into before. It will take time, effort and intelligent strategies to stand out. Also, if something does not work out, do not let it put you off. Just try something new, and eventually, something will spark a flame.

Spotify Streams

Spotify Streams, Are They Really Worth It?

One of the main areas in which musicians focus on these days is Spotify streams. The majority of musicians I speak to daily stress how much they want their Spotify streams to increase. But is it worth it?

Yes, it is. But many will argue that streams are not as important as many make out. Firstly, Spotify streams prove that a musician has a great fan base. Therefore, it can be useful when trying to gain interest from labels. But that is if they are genuine figures. As a result, it is effortless to manipulate the streams. For example, if you take part in a listening party, or keep your track playing on repeat for several weeks, then your streaming numbers will rack up. But doing this is artificial, and it will not do anything but maybe make you look more popular than you are.

Also, it will not take long for someone to spot something uncanny. Especially, when they go to your socials and find that you have barely anyone following you. Therefore, do not try and increase your streams through these methods. Because at the end of the day, your fan base isn't growing.


If you want to increase your streams to raise more revenue, then think again because the royalty returns are so low. Roughly 1000 streams will pay around $4. Which isn't going to change your life is it? If you have a million streams then yes you can start earning a good income. But it can take time to get to that number. So concentrate more on growing your fan base properly first.

Nevertheless, having genuine followers on Spotify and a growing number of streams can be a great way of reaching new fans. Getting into new music playlists also will bring people to you which may not have heard about you otherwise. Therefore, Spotify is a great tool, but only if you use it right and have a clear end goal in mind. But, stay away from trying to chase numbers to make you look good. Because, in reality, it may have no massive impact on your career. Let's face it if you have a million Spotify streams, but yet no one buys a ticket to your gigs, the money is good but what's the point other than cash?

Know One's Worth

Know One’s Worth As A Musician

One of the most significant areas of improvement for any musician is the ability to know one's worth. It is all well and good taking any request which comes into question. However, it is best to concentrate on opportunities which will lead to accomplishing goals and objectives.

Every musician has a worth. Their time cannot be lost, and the more significant a musician gets, the more requests they will have to sort through. However, luckily, a great manager will be able to decipher which opportunity is worthy and which is not. Nevertheless, for any musician who does not have a manager, how do they determine which opportunity they should take up?

Well, end goals will determine priorities. Always have an end goal in mind and decide which opportunity will lead closer to it. Anything, which is not relevant or will not lead closer to success, should be dismissed. Many will argue that sometimes musicians should take what they can get. However, it can promote a stereotype that the musician will do just about anything for the sake of it. It is not a stereotype to thrive on having.

Not Just About The Money

It is also not just about the money. Sometimes an opportunity can arise, which will help fill the financial pot. Yes, more money can lead to more revenue for marketing efforts, but if the opportunity will negatively damage the character of the musician, it is pointless. Remember, this when being offered to play a local bar which may, for example, have a terrible reputation.

Overall, knowing ones worth as a musician is important. It will create a serious and professional brand image. Also, it can lead to far greater success.

So, this is how to know one's worth as a musician. For more information on this topic, be sure to let us know. We are always happy to help.

Upside Down Thinking

Upside Down Thinking Is A Must For Musicians

I often hear this term 'Upside Down Thinking'. Although many could argue it is a negative connotation, it isn't when you look into it properly.

It is all about looking at things differently. As a result, it is the perfect mindset to have for any musician who is looking to stand out truly in a distinct light. Thinking like everybody else will do nothing for your career. Why? Because all the other musicians will most likely be doing the same thing. It is what prevents so many musicians from pushing forward.

Having a unique approach is essential for growth. The beauty of the music world is that there is no right or wrong, and although there are approaches which work time and time again, there is still a myriad of opportunities for new methods. The best musicians are those who do something different. It is what the music community relish most. Think of a new artist who boasts a sound which is entirely different from the norm? Have you seen how quickly they rise? An example here is Billie Eilish.

Unique Mindset

Also, by adopting a unique mindset, you set yourself apart clearly. As a result, you will naturally create a unique brand which gives you a distinct selling point. Why should anyone come to check your music out if you sound exactly like your predecessors? Or why should an audience engage with you on social media if they can find similar content elsewhere?

Overall, upside down thinking is an excellent mindset to adopt at any stage in your music career. You should always be looking for new ways of doing things, and being different is what you should be aspiring to be. There is no point replicating or mirroring anyone else because other musicians have done it before. If you would like to find out more information on this topic, be sure to let us know.

Set Priorities

Set Priorities As A Musician

You must set priorities as a musician. Otherwise, you will work on tasks and projects which will push you no closer to your goals and objectives.

By setting priorities, you ensure that you are working on the most important tasks which will bring you the results you want. But, you must set priorities daily. It is no good setting a yearly priority and then still work on meaningless activities.

How To Set Priorities

Firstly, you can use tried and tested techniques to ensure that you are prioritising the most critical tasks. You may be aware of the Eisenhower matrix. It is potent when used correctly. Also, it is not complicated to use, and although it sounds complicated, it isn't. All you need to do is draw a box with four boxes within. Top left is the most urgent and vital tasks; these are the ones you should do now. Top right is the tasks which are essential but not urgent; you can do these later. Bottom left is not crucial but urgent jobs, delegate these. Finally, the bottom right is not critical and non-important tasks which you should consider removing altogether.

Benefits Of Setting Priorities

There are many benefits to setting priorities. Not only does it keep you on track, but it enables you to make the best use of your time. After all, time is everything, and it is the one thing you will never get back. Also, priorities will ensure that you succeed faster. Why work on tasks and projects which are meaningless if you can work on those which will push you further forward?

You will be surprised just how many musicians waste their time on tasks which are not necessary. It is one of the reasons so many musicians fail to get the success which they want.

So, set priorities as a musician and watch yourself fly.

Captivate Your Social Media Audience

Captivate Your Social Media Audience With These Tips

As a musician, you must continuously captivate your social media audience. After all, it is what will keep them engaged with you, and it will also help you to attract new fans too.

Think of a famous musician who continually publishes posts which cause attraction? There are many which I can think of, and they all bring something different to the table. But, the fundamental of every post which does well is always the same.

Firstly, they attract an audience. It is what you need to be aiming to do too. Therefore, do not rush your posts and never put posts out which you know will not cause any traction. The biggest problem I see musicians doing these days is putting out very dull posts. Let's face it; nobody wants to see something which is going to make them fall asleep. So, get original and put your thinking cap on or otherwise, you will create a negative brand.


A great way to get people hooked is to put out exclusive posts. Put posts out which are not visible anywhere else. Many musicians put the same post on Twitter as they do on Facebook and its a lazy method and provides nothing exclusive to the audience. Therefore, put something out which you know your audience will only be able to see due to them being on that particular platform.


FOMO is the fear of missing out. You should create competitions or add deadlines with discounts or a limited number of tickets for an event, for example. FOMO is real, and if you add some kind of urgency to your posts, then your audience will naturally want to get it before it expires.

Be Interesting

Try and not replicate anyone else. One thing I have seen a lot of musicians doing is creating Spotify playlists of each member of the band and what they are listening to at the moment. There is nothing original in it because everyone else is doing this too. Why should anyone stick around with you if they can go to the thousands of other musicians doing the same thing?

So, these are just a few ways to captivate your social media audience. Contact us if you require more information.

Is SoundCloud Still Relevant In The Music Industry?

Is SoundCloud Still Relevant In The Music Industry?

Many musicians ask me 'Is SoundCloud still relevant in the music industry?'. It is a topic which has gained a lot of thought over the last few years. Especially since streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music are leading the way for new music picks.

But, from my research, I have found that SoundCloud is still very much applicable. Also, there are many benefits to having a strong SoundCloud profile. Firstly, not everyone is using Spotify and Apple Music. SoundCloud has almost 100 million registered users. Therefore, there is still a significant market there, and there are plenty of thirsty music fans looking for the best new music. Also, these numbers only indicate the registered members; many fans do browse around the platform without needing an account. As a result, the actual number of users will be far higher.

Nevertheless, although the platform is still popular, it is not growing at the same speed as Spotify, for example. Therefore, if you are a musician, do not just concentrate on SoundCloud, focus on all the big player platforms. But, do not neglect it either because you will be surprised how many new fans you can attract if you use it correctly.

Select Genres

Over the last few years, SoundCloud is more famous for select genres like EDM, beats, and rap. But, there are still many other genres which excel there. Also, a lot of the major artists and labels do not use it as much to plug new music. As a result, independent musicians can leverage the ability to reach new audiences without having massive competition from the biggest hitters in the game.

Overall, is SoundCloud still relevant in the music industry? Yes. But, it should not be your only focus. Keep your options open but do not miss out on the opportunity to reach new fans on there. Also, remember you must use it correctly and optimise your songs with relevant tags and descriptions which will make you stand out.


Musicians Should See Adversities As Challenges

Adversities happen all the time. Also, although risk assessment plans can reduce problems, a difficulty can still appear out of nowhere. But, musicians should see problems as challenges.

From my studies, I have found that the most successful musicians in the industry are those who confront adversities head-on. It is far better to treat them as a challenge rather than a setback. Also, it is how we react to problems which determine our character. Therefore, the next time something does not go your way, see it as a new test which you will win.

Some of the significant challenges musicians face are lack of growth and also the ability to earn a full-time income. But, do not let obstacles put you off. You must remain resilient and work each day to get to where you want to be. Also, keep growing and set new targets regularly.

Are You A Serious Musician?

I already know that you are a serious musician, how do I know? Because you are reading this. If you wanted to be the local musician who never grows and stays stagnant, then you would not be here right now. Therefore, I know full well that you have a passion for succeeding. But, you have to be robust at all times too. The music industry changes often and a formula which works for you now may not work in tomorrows world. However, if adversity arises, then you must stay focused and find a way to beat it, and you will.

So, never lose confidence in your vision. It is rare to witness success without some problem along the way. Therefore, please do not see it is negative. Just see it as a hurdle you need to jump over. If more musicians had this mentality, then there would be a lot more successful names in this field, I am sure.


Listen But Make Your Own Decisions

Being a musician is very exciting. You get to spend time doing what you love music, writing and performing music. But, it also brings plenty of opinions. Although you should listen, you should always be the one making your own decisions.

Everybody has an opinion on something. It is what makes us all unique, and it is excellent. But you are the boss of your music. You are the one who should ultimately be making the decisions. However, it can be tricky, especially if you part of a label who dominate your projects. Therefore, ideally, you want to be searching for ways where you can become the one in charge. A lot of deals these days will enable you to have creative control and will let you run with your ideas. But, there are still many cases where you can get into a deal which leave you with little or no headroom. Therefore, try and avoid these where possible. Why? Because it can be damaging to your freedom, and it can prevent you from doing what you want.


However, you should always listen. Listening is key to a successful career. You should take advice and learn from others, take into consideration what others are saying but remember that you should always be the one which is concluding. Also, if you have a strong instinct about something which no one agrees with, then stick to your guns and remain resilient.

Overall, I read a lot of educational books, and in the books I read, I often hear how important it is for musicians to be robust and stand up to what they believe most. Nevertheless, you should take opinions into account. Ideally, you should listen to everything, but ultimately you should be making the final call. If you would like more information on this topic, be sure to let us know.


Twitch Is The Place To Go As A Musician

Twitch is taking off massively due to the lockdown. Gamers have been using it for years as a way to broadcast their gaming sessions. But, musicians have now realised how powerful it is for their live shows too. So, are you using Twitch? If not, then start using it today.

For anyone who is not aware of what it is, it is a platform which Amazon operates. The giant e-commerce firm purchased the platform back in 2014 for almost 1 billion pounds. The team at Amazon knew its potential, but no one could have predicted how successful it was going to become. In recent times it has become a place to stream some of the most prominent musicians in the game performing live, and it works perfectly for this new live industry.


The benefits of using Twitch are that it has massive audience figures. Also, you can guarantee that the members of it are there to watch live streams which is excellent if you want to perform to new fans. Yes, we have Instagram live, but that is just a feature of Instagram and not its sole purpose; therefore, not every Instagram user will tune into your live stream. As a result, it makes sense to stream directly on Twitch because those there are looking for what you provide. Of course, there will be gaming fans outnumbering music fans, but you can set your tags to target music fans, and you will be surprised just how many people jump on if you target the right people.

Another selling point of Twitch to musicians is that it is a subscription-based platform. Therefore, as a musician, you will get paid for your live performances as opposed to other platforms where you will perform for FREE. Therefore, why not delve into this new space and leverage what thousands of musicians are already doing? If you would like to find out more information on how to use Twitch as a musician, be sure to let us know.

Where Is The Music Industry Heading

Where Is The Music Industry Heading

2020 has been a strange old year. I am sure you will agree. But where is the music industry heading?

Live Shows

Coronavirus has meant live shows in their usual sense have been put on the back burner. However, in recent months we have seen a considerable increase in online performances with many musicians taking to their social media accounts to perform their tracks. Will this stay post lockdown? I believe we will see more online gigs, but musicians will flock back to their beloved revenues rapidly. Therefore, the live music industry will most likely erupt post lockdown with concerts going on here, there and everywhere.


We have also seen a massive increase in video engagement online. Thanks to the likes of Tik Tok and YouTube, more fans are getting stuck into videos more than ever before. Therefore, the music industry will see a massive increase in video uploads over the next few years. It just makes sense, if everyone is watching videos, then musicians and the music industry should be concentrating on this form of communication.

Traditional Record Deal

Also, a component of the music industry which I predict will see less of a requirement is the traditional record deal. Independent musicians are figuring out how to succeed on their own without a music mogul behind them. Social media and the online community is compelling. Therefore, unless it is a large pot of funds the musician needs, then they will most likely opt to keep their projects independent, preventing them from having to share their hard-earned returns with music bosses.


My final prediction is that streaming will grow even more significant than it is already. We have already seen the impact streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple music have had on the industry. For me, it is only going to grow, and more listeners will be opting for playlists as a method of finding new music. However, the radio will still be prominent, and I doubt that will ever die.

So, where is the music industry heading? Somewhere truly magnificent.

What Is A Music Aggregator?

What Is A Music Aggregator?

You will most likely hear this term a lot in the music industry. But what is a music aggregator?

In Layman's terms, it is the system which distributes your music to digital stores and streaming platforms. It is just a gloried way of saying a distributor. So, if you know what a distributor is then you pretty much know what an aggregator is also.

A music aggregator will usually charge you an upfront fee, and then they will send your music to all the biggest platforms for fans to listen and download your music. Musicians need an aggregator to get their music into platforms such as Spotify. There is no other way of doing it unless you have a label who will do it for you.

What Are The Benefits Of A Music Aggregator?

Firstly, it is the surest way of making your music available. Spotify, for example, has no other method for you to add your tracks. They were going to introduce a feature to upload without one. However, they scrapped this idea in the late stages. Which is a massive relief for the music aggregators?

Secondly, it is relatively cheap to distribute your music these days. On average you will be paying around £10 to get your track onto all the major platforms. Therefore, it makes sense to use one.

Is There Longevity For The Music Aggregator?

Unless streaming platforms and digital stores decide to allow you to upload your music without one, then they will always stand their purpose. For now, it appears there are no immediate plans to get around not having one. Therefore, it is best if you find one which is going to be most suitable for your needs. Although there are many available and they all pretty much do the same thing, they do all have unique selling points. Therefore, browse around before jumping to the first one you come across.

The top 3 music distributors are Distrokid, CD Baby and Tunecore.

Music Trends

Music Trends Which Are Happening Right Now

Music trends change regularly. There is always that new go-to place for fresh music, and it is best to keep a close eye on what is working and what is not. Here I go through the best places for musicians to hang out.


Lockdown has resulted in a massive surge in TikTok traction. I doubt you will need to search far to find many celebrities and influences leveraging the dominant social media tool. You should be taking action too. Some of the biggest songs of recent years have come from TikTok. Also, yours could quite easily be the next if you put on your creative hat. Get imaginative with your TikTok account and include your tracks in your posts as much as possible. Remember to target the right people and make sure that you are providing value with every upload.

Spotify Playlists

Gone are the days of buying a compilation CD to find the best new music. Spotify playlists are one of the surest ways to get new fans. But, it would help if you made sure that your Spotify about section is up to date. Also, ensure that you are regularly trying to get your track into new playlists. To make the most noise on Spotify, I would recommend contacting us as we have Spotify campaigns available to help you increase your streams and followers.


Radio figures are flying through the roof. A wise man once said that radio would never die and it appears he was telling the truth. Even with the digital era growing daily, radio is still one of the best ways for fans to find your music. Therefore, never neglect this area. Aim to get your music into as many radio playlists as possible. Not only will your music spread like wildfire but you will also receive royalties from each radio play.

So, these are the top music trends of recent times. Contact us for more information.

Enjoying Being A Musician

Enjoy Being A Musician Because It will Increase Your Success

Are you one of those who enjoy being a musician? Great. Studies show that you are more likely to succeed. But, it would help if you enjoyed every aspect of your music career because you will never reach your full potential if you are doing tasks or chores which you despise.

One thing all musicians have in common is that they love music. Why else would they be doing it? But being a musician does not just mean playing music every night and writing top tracks. It also comes with admin duties, a marketing responsibility and even management. I highly doubt you enjoy every task you need to carry out as a musician.

For example, you may dislike having to do all the management for your band or being the one who has to put out posts on your social media continually. Therefore, it is best if you get someone else to do this for you. As a whole, you should be aiming to enjoy every aspect of your daily music career. Whatever you hate doing, should be left for your team. Because, if you are doing something you would rather not, then you will most likely not put your all into it. Also, it will damage your spirits and make being a musician feel more like a job.

Doing Everything Yourself

But, what if you have to do everything yourself? There is no such thing. There are countless people out there available to help you get onto the next level. Also, it does not always mean having to depart with cash. You need to search for someone who has a passion for what you do and let them take control of those areas enabling you to concentrate on doing what you love the most. I would advise, contacting us for more information, we may be the souls who are willing to do the tasks you would rather not.

So, ask yourself now, are you enjoying being a musician?

The Live Music Industry

The Live Music Industry Will Bounce Back Better Than Ever Before

Over the last few weeks, I have been reading many reports and concerns that the live music industry will never return to how it was. In some ways, I agree, but not for the reasons many indicate. For me, I believe it will bounce back better than ever before.

We have learnt during lockdown that musicians can carry out gigs online through live streaming and videos. But what we also learnt is that it is just not the same. Although you know it is live, it does not give you the feeling you was there. Also, it is no replacement to being knee-deep in mud, swigging stale lager and watching your favourite artist deliver their magnificent set. It just doesn't compare.

Post Lockdown

Also, a live show is not just about music. It is the intimacy within the crowd, the feeling that you are in a group of like-minded music fans. It is just far more exciting than sitting at home watching musicians play their tracks on YouTube. Therefore, I believe that many will be jumping at the chance to get back out to see live music. Once the live music industry gets back on its feet, and it is safe to join thousands of other music spectators in one place, people will jump at it. I speak to countless music fans daily, and I have not met one yet who is not looking forward to festivals and gigs resuming. As a result, I believe that more people will be heading out than ever before.

Many will argue that COVID-19 could bring a recession. Which could prevent people from buying tickets? But, I do not think it will have too much of a damaging effect. Fans will still manage to get tickets, and as long as ticket prices do not increase massively, the music should start playing again and louder than it ever has done.

PR Stunts

PR Stunts Can Make You An Overnight Sensation

PR stunts happen every day. Being a PR practitioner myself, I can usually spot a PR stunt relatively quickly, but sometimes they happen in such a way that the majority of people do not know it was setup. They can be smart, and if done correctly can get everybody talking about a topic in no time at all.

But, it would help if you were meticulous with your approach when creating a PR stunt. While they can be beneficial, they can also be damaging if done incorrectly. Also, they are not as easy to carry out as you may think. If you are considering doing a PR stunt, then I would highly recommend consulting with A PR practitioner first.

The first step in setting up a PR stunt is to determine your target audience. Who is the audience you want to reach? Without knowing the exact fans, then you are setting yourself up for failure. It will not only affect the outcome of your stunt, but it will be far harder when developing a clear strategy.

Once you have gathered an audience, you should then start putting together some quality ideas. Here, you need to be very creative. If the strategy is boring, then it is a waste of time. It would be best if you elicited a reaction from not only the media but the public too. Therefore, think outside of the box, do something unique and try and not replicate something which another artist has done previously.

No Room For Ambiguity

With PR stunts, there is no room for ambiguity. Everybody who is part of the stunt needs to be aware of what exactly is going to happen and what they need to do. If you would like more information on this topic, be sure to contact us today. We are more than happy to help.

Also, enjoy becoming an overnight sensation.

What You Should Be Studying As A Musician

What You Should Be Studying As A Musician

Here I share with you what you should be studying as a musician. Yes, you will most likely think 'music education' is everything, but to be a hugely successful artist, you must broaden your knowledge base.

Being a musician is like running your own business. You cannot only know how to write a great track unless you have a manager or label taking care of everything else for you. Nevertheless, even if you do have the support from others, it is wise to be clued on other subject areas too. It will prevent you from getting stung and also will enable you to become more independent in your career.


Firstly, I would recommend learning the basics of business. Why? Because the majority of business knowledge is essential for musicians too. The significant business components are accounting, finance, marketing and management. All of these are relevant when running a music career. Therefore, you should know how to manage your accounts and finance well. You should be budgeting and keeping a cash flow of your income and outgoings. Without doing that, you run the risk of running out of cash. Also, marketing in business is similar to marketing your music. You must determine your target audience, you must research the market, and you should be providing value to your fans. Lastly, management, you need to able to manage your time well and others around you.

Social Science

Secondly, you should try and study social science. It gives you a massive advantage if you know what makes people tick. Why do so many people love a particular artist? Which songs do society like the most? Also, this subject area will give you an insight into how humans behave and what influences them. You can leverage your knowledge on social media.

So this is what you should be studying as a musician. Also, if you are a musician looking to go and study at university or a college, why study music if you already have a natural talent? Why not consider studying something else which will give you a competitive advantage to all the other musicians releasing tracks daily.

How To Grow A Spotify Playlist

How To Grow A Spotify Playlist

One of the best ways to get people to your track is to create your own Spotify playlist. But, it can be challenging to build a following without expert guidance; therefore, here, I share with you how to grow a Spotify playlist.

Firstly, you should find a niche playlist name. Yes, you may be an indie rock artist, for example, but that does not mean you have to create a playlist with a title like 'Indie Rock playlist'. If you do this, the chances of anyone finding you are relatively slim due to the amount of competition for the keyword. Therefore, you need to get your thinking cap on and think of an innovate title which you know people will search for but using keywords which thousands of people are not already using.

Secondly, once you know the target audience, you will be concentrating on, consistently add tracks in which meets their needs. If you decide one week to switch it up completely, then your audience may reach for the unfollow button as they will no longer see it as relevant.


Also, be sure to share your playlist on social media. The majority of advice online which states social media will grow your playlist is vague. Therefore, I will explain here how to leverage social media. One step is to set up an ad campaign, preferably choose a campaign which will generate link clicks. Play around with your target and find a sweet spot where you are getting lots of clicks with a low CPC. Also, start posting in groups and share your playlist to fans of groups which you believe will enjoy your playlist.

Finally, be consistent. Your playlist will not grow overnight, and it will take time to reach high numbers. But, you must stay consistent and add new tracks regularly. Eventually, you will be looking at substantial follower statistics.

So, this is how to grow a Spotify playlist. Contact us for more information.

How Stories Can Fast Track Your Music Career

How Stories Can Fast Track Your Music Career

Do you know how stories can fast track your music career?

Firstly it is human nature to engage with stories. Let's look at The X Factor or Britains/ Americas Got Talent. These talent shows push stories like crazy. People generally tend to prefer an artist or performance more based on the story the show plays out before you hear or see them. As a result, these shows have figured out what it takes to get people talking about their contestants, and they use it to their advantage.


A great story has the power to move people (And this is your main objective as a musician). Furthermore, people get emotionally attached to stories. Once connected, they generally respond better to you. Also, a story is personable. Plus it is refreshing to read a story when all you see and hear these days is cold marketing strategies.

Social Media

I bet you have noticed that stories on social media generally get a lot more engagement than standard posts, right? Well, the reason behind this is because we all get hooked into a good story. Also, it is natural for people to want to have closure on an account; therefore, they will keep reading the story until the end.

Remember: even if everyone does not engage, then they will have still read your story, which is always great for brand awareness. 


A great story can create long term loyalty with your audience.

So how can you make use of this powerful tool?

Start sharing your stories on your website and social media. Also, when you release a new track, do not just put out the old boring status 'This is my new single'. Write a bit about why you wrote the song and what it means to you.

Overall, I recommend that you start telling more stories and not just any story, your story!

Everybody has a story of how they got to where they are today, so why not share that with your audience?

The power of a story is a marketing trick which many have had success with since day dot.

So, this is how stories can fast track your music career Do not miss out on the potential!

How Upcoming Musicians Should Release New Music

How Upcoming Musicians Should Release New Music

Here I share with you how upcoming musicians should release new music. 

The tradition in the music industry has always been to release EPs and albums, with time in between releases often being a year or two. It works incredibly well for well-established artists and generates a tremendous amount of hype, with fans itching to hear their next collection of work. However, for up and coming artists who are building a fan base, little and often may be the best option. Here’s why:

Streaming Services Have Changed The Game.

The majority of fans aren’t listening to entire albums anymore. Streaming makes it easy to stream one particular song or put a collection of songs from different albums and different artists into a playlist. This change in listening habits means fans do not listen to many albums or Eps compared to singles.


When you release music, you’re riding a wave of “buzz” from your fans. Typically, this doesn’t last long. When you publish an EP, people will lose interest within a month or even a week. At which point you need to get their attention again, but all of your material has already gone out.

The solution? Release a single every month. This way, you’re always building momentum, which only grows with each release. There’s still a “next thing” for fans to get excited.

You Will Earn More From Your Music.

If you release a song every month, that’s 12 opportunities to get paid every year, instead of just one. Combined with the momentum you’re building, the pay will rise every time.

You Will Make Better Music.

By focusing on one song at a time, you can put in more effort and attention to detail. Furthermore, giving yourself a deadline each month or a goal to release a certain amount of singles in a year will crush your procrastination, forcing you to work harder and make better music. Even better, if you’ve already written and recorded an EP or albums worth of songs, you have more time to focus on promotion each month.

So, this is how upcoming musicians should release new music.

How To Promote Music On Streaming Platforms

How To Promote Music On Streaming Platforms

Here I share with you how to promote your music on streaming platforms.

With over 40,000 sounds being uploaded to streaming platforms every day, getting your music noticed and played is one of the biggest challenges that artists face. Here are our insider tips for promoting your music on streaming platforms.

Don’t Buy Streams

Just like you can buy followers on social media, you can purchase streams on Spotify, Apple Music and other platforms. But, do not let this tempt you. These companies are often a scam. Even if your music doesn’t get taken down, music professionals will see straight through the false streaming numbers. There is no benefit to doing this.

Don’t Put Tour Music On Repeat

There’s nothing wrong with listening to your music; you made it because you love it, right? But don’t be tempted to play it on repeat to increase streaming numbers. Again, industry professionals will see straight through it when they realise you have 100,000 streams and only ten monthly listeners. It can also result in streaming platforms removing your music.

Use Your Analytics

Spotify and Apple Music have dedicated services for artists containing analytics of their releases. These are crucial to help you understand what is working well and what isn’t. It can also help you to identify where your audience is, which is great if you’re planning a tour. Don’t miss out on this vital information.

Ask Fans To Follow You

Make sure you actively ask your fans to follow you on Spotify or Apple Music. You will get more engagement this way, and fans/followers will get a notification when you release new music.

Share Your Music Everywhere

Make sure you’re sharing your music everywhere and driving listeners towards your streaming pages wherever possible. If someone visits your social media pages, the first thing they should see is your music! Make use of your bio and pinned post features. You should also embed your music into your website.

Playlists Are Key

If you want new fans to listen to your music, getting it into playlists is crucial and can make or break artists. Make sure you are submitting your music to playlists before it’s even released to ensure national or even global attention.

So there we have it, this is how to promote your music on streaming platforms.

How To Do More In Band Practice

How To Do More In Band Practice

Here, I explain how to do more in band practice.

Firstly, ensure you have band practise regularly. It is a great way to keep your band's music and set very tight. The more practise you have, then the better your group will be, which will, therefore, make your gigs better.

You should get into a routine of which songs you will play at your band practise and stick with this setup. An excellent method is to spend one practice working on and perfecting one song before moving to the next. This way, you can concentrate your efforts on one song until it is perfect.
Running through the set at the beginning is an excellent way to keep on top of all your songs. It keeps them fresh in your mind. It is also a great way to get all members into the mood for practice.

Spend time sitting and talking with each other and let the ideas bounce off one another. Let each member play their bit to the other members, and then you can all come together and synergise.

Let all members have their say. It will keep the morale of the band up, and everyone will feel happy with the setup.

Let the practice flow freely but be aware of what you all need to get through in the session. Set a deadline for when you want a particular song to be finished by and stick with this deadline.


Get into a habit of practising at the same time each week; this routine will be beneficial to your band's progress.

Practise as much as you can and remember to have fun.

So there we have it, this is how to do more in band practice. Contact us if you require any more tips. We are always happy to help.

How To Perform While In Lockdown

How To Perform While In Lockdown

Although you are staying at home during the COVID-19 outbreak, it does not mean that you need to stop performing live. Therefore, here I explain how to perform while in lockdown.

Virtual Gigs

There are countless virtual gigs available for yourself to play. More and more of these online performing opportunities are arising each day. You can easily find out about these opportunities by contacting us. There are many benefits to virtual gigs, including massive listener reach and increased online presence.

Social Media Live Streaming

You can quickly put on your gig through live streaming. Head onto Youtube, Instagram or Facebook and go live. It will not only give your fans something to do (let's face it; they are probably bored out of their minds). But, it also enables you to stay active with your live performances. Plus, you may reach new fans and encourage new listeners to come and check out your music. If you are going to do a live streaming performance, then I would recommend notifying your fans in due course. It will create hype and will also increase the number of active viewers once you do start performing.

Record Your Performance

You do not even need to go live to deliver a gig to your fans. Another way of doing this is to record yourself performing. You can then publish your gig straight onto Youtube and onto your social media platforms. If you do this, then remember to optimise your tags. Use tags which are relevant to your music and also share it in Facebook groups.

So there you have it. Here is how to perform still while in lockdown. Remember, that you do not need to hang your boots up. There are many opportunities still available for live performers. Contact us if you would like more information on this topic.

How Musicians Make Money

How Musicians Make Money

Here we explain how musicians make money.

Musicians have always had a hard time making a generous income. Furthermore, there has always been a substantial income divide between the high flying musicians churning out number one hits and your average musician down the road playing to pub regulars on a Friday night.

Nevertheless, it is still very much possible for all musicians to make an income from doing what they love. As a result of the online world, musicians can make that income required to ensure that they can concentrate full time on their music careers. However, how can you do it?


Firstly, through streaming. Although streaming royalties are meagre, the industry has seen massive growth in streaming revenue over the last few years. Even independent musicians without substantial fan bases are racking up thousands if not millions of streams on Spotify bringing them a tidy income to record albums which push them further on in their careers. Therefore, you can use Spotify playlists to increase streams. To do this, you can contact playlist curators or have a PR consultant promote your music on your behalf. Click here for more information on Music PR.


Also, musicians generate income from the merchandise. Therefore, it is a good idea to get some merch which you can sell on your websites, social media channels and at your live shows.

Live Shows

Another way to increase revenue is by playing live shows. Therefore, we advise you to play as many shows as possible. However, be sure to check if you will be receiving a cut before agreeing to play a show.

So there we have it, this is how musicians make money. Although there are many other ways in which musicians are bringing home the revenue. You need to find opportunities. As a result, you should continuously seek out new paths. 

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How TV Shows Can Make Musicians Famous

Here we go through how TV shows can make musicians famous.

Firstly, music sync is one of the fastest-growing areas of the music industry, and it is clear to see why. You only need to look at Freya Riding's hit track 'Lost Without You' to see the proof. Furthermore, Freya had her song play out on the highly popular ITV reality show Love Island in 2018, and once it came on, fans took to their phones out to Shazam the track which ended up making its way into the official chart show.

Also in 2019, a two-year-old cover of En Vogue's Don't Let Go (Love) by Lusaint was played out by Love Island bosses and it became the UK's most Shazamed track beating Florence And The Machine for the most Shazams in one day.

So what does this mean? It means that music sync is extremely powerful. However, you may be asking, what is new? Have we known this for years? Well, you are right, TV has been breaking artists for years. Especially theme tunes, for example 'I'll Be There for You' The Rembrandts on the hit sitcom Friends.

However, what is so different now than it was before? The answer is simple. Technology is changing and improving. Apps like Shazam and social media enable new music to spread like wildfire. It is the reason why music sync is growing at its fastest rate in many years.

Take Advantage

So how can you take advantage of this boom? Push for a publishing contract as opposed to a record contract. Contact publishers and also contact music supervisors of hit tv shows.

How TV Shows Can Make Musicians Famous

There we have it; this is how tv shows can make musicians famous. If you leverage the opportunities which are becoming available daily, you could easily follow in the footsteps of the most prominent names to break through the TV.

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How To Hit Your 2020 Music Goals

Here I share with you how to hit your 2020 music goals.

We are now partway through 2020 and musicians are not meeting the goals they set in the new year. But, why is this? Why are artists not meeting their targets? The answer is because they did not set SMART objectives. These are standard practice in the business world, but few musicians think about their goals with this mind-set, which can lead to failure.

Here’s How It Works

S – Specific. Make sure your goal is specific – a vague objective leads to poor results.

M – Measurable – You should be able to measure your progress to make sure you’re moving forward. “What gets measured, gets managed.” – Peter Drucker

A – Achievable – Your objective must be achievable – define success for yourself and work out what will get you there. It’s okay to think small.

R – Realistic and resourced – Do you have the resources you need to achieve your goal? Also, do you have the time, money and equipment to make it happen?

T – Time-bound – You must set a specific time frame so that you know how far you need to go and to prevent procrastination.

If your goal is to play your first major show or record a number one hit single, SMART objectives will help you to get there! A target will only be useful if it passes the SMART test.

Therefore, if you want to make 2020 the year your music career booms, start using SMART objectives today. Every goal you set from this day on should include all the points in the SMART formula. If it does not, then you should consider scrapping the target altogether. History has proven that the SMART objectives formula works, therefore why change something which is so advantageous? 

So, this is how to hit your 2020 music goals, are you going to take action today?

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How To Sell Band Merch

If you are performing live regularly, then it is a wise idea to get some merch to sell. Here I explain how to sell band merch.

Live Shows

The first way goes without saying. Live shows are one of the easiest and quickest ways to sell your band merchandise. Let's face it; I reckon you have bought some merch at some point in your life at a concert, right? Fans genuinely love the idea of having ownership. The days of buying CD's are well in the past, and streaming music does not give you a sense of ownership. Therefore, more and more fans are opting for merch. T-shirt's mainly sell well at live shows. Therefore, get some merch put together and put it on a table at your gigs. Mention to people about your merch table during your set and stand there at the end of your concert. Speak to them and build rapport.

Social Media

Social media is another excellent way to sell merch. You can put on regular posts about new products and new shirts or jumpers which are available. Make it easy for your fans to buy from you and add special discounts now and again to keep them coming back. Also, you could use paid social media ads to spread the word.


Your website is a central point for fans to go to and find out everything about your music and what you are doing. But, it is also a great place to promote your stock. Therefore, create a dedicated store on your website, which allows fans to buy your merchandise quickly.

These are just a few of the best ways to sell band merch. You also want to think outside of the box when promoting merch and try new techniques regularly. If you would like any more information on this topic, be sure to let us know.

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How To Succeed In The Music Industry

Here I share with you how to succeed in the music industry.

Furthermore, the music industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world. For this reason, you must always ensure you are on top of your game and continuously thriving for more.


Firstly, you must remain consistent. Consistency is one of the primary keys to success in any profession. However, what do we mean by consistency? What we mean is, you must be practising every day. You must be learning something new every single day. You must be using your time well and pushing yourself closer to your goal every day.

Shadow Other Musicians

Another trick is to shadow other musicians in the industry. You need to observe and ideally hang around with those musicians who you admire. What are they doing? What did they do to get to where they are now? Ask as many questions as you can.

Target The Right Audience

Are you targeting the right fans? You need to carry out market research, similar to how a business would find its target audience. Overall, you need to be cleverly targeting fans who are interested in your music. As a result, you will increase loyal followers and start building a more substantial fan base resulting in far greater success.


The music industry is just like any other industry. It is growing daily, and that means that you, as a musician or music professional need to be growing daily too. If you go an entire day without learning something new, then you have wasted your time. Furthermore, learn as much as you can. It can be merely listening to a podcast on your commute. Or you could spend an hour each night watching educational YouTube videos. Whichever form of education you choose, stick with it, and you will succeed far quicker.

So, these are just a few pointers on how to succeed in the music industry. Contact us for more tips.