Music Education

How Musicians Get Famous?
Have you ever wondered how musicians get famous? Well, here, I explain. Firstly, there is no set formula for getting famous. Every musician has had a unique path to reaching the red carpet. However, there are similarities which can help other musicians find their way to the party too. Let’sContinue Reading
Financial Support For Musicians During Self-Isolation
Please note that this guide is for UK musicians. There is most likely support for musicians in other countries from other governments, but we can only comment on the UK at this time. Furthermore, here I outline financial support for musicians during self-isolation. The UK government is putting its armsContinue Reading
How To Use Artist Shortcuts On SoundCloud
SoundCloud has just rolled out a new update on the IOS app. It is called Artist Shortcuts, and the new feature will increase content reach for musicians. Great right? Here I explain how to use artist shortcuts on Soundcloud. What Does It Do? The added feature will enable your fansContinue Reading
How To Increase Spotify Streams
Spotify is one of the most excellent tools for artist discovery. But if you are an artist, you will want to know how to increase Spotify streams. Read on. Start With The Song Firstly, you need to have a great song which is meeting the industry quality requirements. You cannotContinue Reading
Music Career
If you are looking to have a long-lasting music career, then you need to become a better musician. The music industry is changing daily, and the competition is increasing all the time. Therefore, you can’t stay stagnant and limit yourself to the knowledge you already know. As a result, youContinue Reading
Tips For Musicians During The Coronavirus Outbreak
Here I provide tips for musicians during the Coronavirus outbreak. Health Firstly, your health is an essential priority. The music world will recover, live performances will return, and the industry will boom once again. Therefore, do not worry about that and concentrate on your health. The best way to doContinue Reading
How Streaming Changed The Music Industry
Do you know how streaming changed the music industry? You will find out here. You are most probably already aware of how much the music industry has changed over the last ten years. Also, unless you have been living under a rock, you will be mindful of how not manyContinue Reading
The Effects Of Coronavirus On The Music Industry
It is a testing time for the music industry as it is for all other sectors also. Unfortunately, there is not a single industry which is not being affected by it in some way or another. But what are the effects of Coronavirus on the music industry? Firstly, the mostContinue Reading
Musician Tips For Instagram
Instagram is one of the most advantageous platforms to transform your music career. As a result, it can dramatically improve your success. But, you have to use it to its full potential. Therefore, here I go through the top musician tips for Instagram. Tip 1 Instagram Stories The story featureContinue Reading
Musician Mistakes
Having worked in the music industry for over two decades, I have been able to observe what makes musicians successful and what doesn’t. Luckily, I have also been able to put together a list of the biggest mistakes musicians make. Ego Some musicians have massive ego’s, and it gets inContinue Reading
How To Make Social Media Posts Go Viral
Many people wonder how to make social media posts go viral and it is not actually as difficult as it sounds. Creative Firstly, you need to be creative. Nothing will go viral unless it is somewhat creative and different. For example, if you are just publishing the same old boringContinue Reading
What Is The 360 Record Deal?
Nowadays, the most common record deal is this one. But what is the 360 record deal? Origin The 360 deal was first witnessed back in 2002 with Robbie Williams deal with EMI. What Is It? The 360 record deal enables record labels to earn revenue from every corner of aContinue Reading
Music Mentor
Did you know that the majority of the most succesful business owners have had a mentor at some point in their life? For this reason, musicians can take a leaf out of their book and take full advantage of a music mentor. What is a music mentor? A music mentorContinue Reading
Top 5 Habits
Have you ever wondered why some bands and singers do really well? One theory is that they possess the top 5 habits of highly successful musicians. Furthermore, these top 5 habits are not much different to the top habits of anyone who does well. Habit #1 – Education The musiciansContinue Reading
Artist Development
Looking for Artist Development in 2020? Look no further. In my opinion, there has never been a better time to be a musician. Firstly, there are incredible opportunities online through social media which can catapult an unknown musician to an overnight success. Secondly, the days of requiring a record labelContinue Reading
How To Become A Full Time Musician
If you are a musician then you will most likely want to do it full time, right? Well here I will explain how to become a full time musician. Practise Firstly, you must practise. Practise as much as you can every single day. It is true that practise makes perfectContinue Reading
Time Management
Time management is often overlooked. However, it shouldn’t be. As a result, by having really strong time management skills you can take your career to the next level far quicker. Everybody in the world has the same amount of hours in the day. 24 hours is all we get toContinue Reading
Build A Team
In the words of U2 ‘Sometimes you cannot make it on your own’. It is true and maybe why Bono is worth over 700 million dollars. Therefore, build a team! Why you should build a team? Having a team around you is important for growth. Firstly, more heads are betterContinue Reading
Power Of A Story
Do you know the power of a story and how it can turn you into a popular musician or business very fast? Firstly it is human nature to engage with stories. Also stories which people can relate to or have some kind of emotional attachment to perform the best. LetsContinue Reading
Power Of Consistency
Have you ever wondered why some musicians succeed and others fail? Well one theory is the power of consistency. Having worked in the music industry for many years, I have been able to compare the musicians at the top of the game and those just playing at it. It isContinue Reading
2020 Musician
This year is going to be your year! Well, that is if you work hard and really believe in yourself. However, how can you increase your chances of success? First step is to read our 2020 musician tips and advice guide below. Be Unique Firstly, you must stand out. WhyContinue Reading
How To Stand Out In The Music Industry
In this blog, we will explain how to stand out in the music industry. Firstly, standing out will improve your chances of success. Overall, the main key to music success is creating your own style and becoming an original artist. No one wants to see a band/ musician which soundsContinue Reading