Music Education

Build A Team
In the words of U2 'Sometimes you cannot make it on your own'. It is true and maybe why Bono is worth over 700 million dollars. Therefore, build a team! Why you should build a team? Having a team around you is important for growth. Firstly, more heads are better Continue Reading
Power Of A Story
Do you know the power of a story and how it can turn you into a popular musician or business very fast? Firstly it is human nature to engage with stories. Also stories which people can relate to or have some kind of emotional attachment to perform the best. Lets Continue Reading
Power Of Consistency
Have you ever wondered why some musicians succeed and others fail? Well one theory is the power of consistency. Having worked in the music industry for many years, I have been able to compare the musicians at the top of the game and those just playing at it. It is Continue Reading
2020 Musician
This year is going to be your year! Well, that is if you work hard and really believe in yourself. However, how can you increase your chances of success? First step is to read our 2020 musician tips and advice guide below. Be Unique Firstly, you must stand out. Why Continue Reading
Global Sound Group Team Up with Aspire2 to Promote Mental Health Awareness in the Music Industry London based music promotion specialists, Global Sound Group, are teaming up with Aspire2 Mental Health Media And Events to promote mental health awareness in the music industry. Aspire2 are an organisation based in York, Continue Reading
How To Stand Out In The Music Industry
In this blog, we will explain how to stand out in the music industry. Firstly, standing out will improve your chances of success. Overall, the main key to music success is creating your own style and becoming an original artist. No one wants to see a band/ musician which sounds Continue Reading