A & R

Our A and R Service

We pride ourselves in our A and R. (Artist and Repertoire service.) Spotting the best upcoming talent and helping artists develop through their career.The music industry is more competitive than ever. However there is always room for talented individuals to break through into the industry. Quality is what we provide every time!

Our A and R team only use the best quality services to achieve the best possible results. Having access to some of the finest studios. If successful you will get the chance to work within these fantastic industry settings.

Our Specialists

We have a specialist A and R Team who are constantly looking for the next chart topping artist. Global Sound Group think it is important that a steady flow of new music is entering the charts and can compete with large industry artists. 

We accept musicians of any genre. As long as they have a passion for music and raw talent. If you think our team would be interested in your music then fill in the submission form below. The team will listen to your tracks and aim to back to you within 24 hours!